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There was the time when I was in the mask....

the mask

When I put the mask on

Hiding my self from all those surround me
Running from reality

I don't want the world to see me

I've been heading in wrong direction

I'm lost

I dunno where to go
everything can seem so unkind
everything can seem so wrong

I lose everything

time flies and tells everything

Then I realize
The world is turning and I'm learning

I believe in everything that comes to my life has a purpose

each day is new birth
each day is another step of my journey to The Real Me

every time i believe, more secret will be revealed


its me, without the mask

I'm Transforming
I don't need the mask anymore
I'm throwing away all doubt, fear, anger, and disappointment

From now on,
I'm clearing my mind to limitation and negative thinking
I'm opening my heart to positive feeling, emotion, and energy to create more fulfillment in my life,
I acknowledge that my reality as great as my imagination

I need only to

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