Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Quality time

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hello guys!!

Finally i can post something here since the day before yesterday :)

How’s your holiday so far, guys? Hope you’re enjoying your day!! Fortunately, I’m enjoying my holiday. In this holiday, I’m so happy because I spend much time with my family; it is fun, isn't it? Yes, it’s so great when you have a quality time with your beloved people.

I’m sorry if there are many of grammatical error. I don’t know why, but it is really difficult to express what’s on your mind into a words. huhu

There are many great things happened in my life.
I’m so grateful of my life because The Lord always blesses my day.
The most important thing is I can waste my time for something more useful. :)
Finally, oh God I can do something more useful even only once in my life time
(too dramatic absolutely, haha)
I spend much time for painting, painting, and painting. Its seems would like to be my routine activities

me n my messy hair, I love it!!

I'm so happy, Yeah!!

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