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Jannina Weigel on You Tube

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Jannina  Weigel

You Tube is one of sharing video website which allow users to upload, sharing, and view the video. This website is easy to access, so it attracts many user all over the world to use this web for various purpose, such as sharing info, movie, music, tutorial, news, and etc. In other words, we couldn’t agree more that everything is on You tube! We almost get whatever we want to find in this web, it just like magic machine. I`m so lucky to live in this era which we just need internet connection, don’t have to go anywhere to find something we wanted to learn such as various of tutorial, so we can learn autodidact,  don’t need to pay extra money for it.

One of my favorite activity on you tube is watching music video. We can watch music video both from popular and unpopular singer. There many people who like to upload their music video in purpose to share their hobby, moreover to gain popularity. The one who get popularity from You Tube is called You Tube artist. Yup. I agree there are many unpopular singers which the quality as great as the popular one.

One of my favorite singer is Janinna Weigel. She is  Thailand singer which has mix blood from Thailand and Germany. First time I saw her video is when she covered “Love me Like You Do” song by Elly Goulding, at that time I really like that song badly, it just stuck in my head. First impression, it was good cover music video! From that moment, I was so curious about her, and played some other music video of her and I really loved it.

Pictures of Jannina

 I really love her because she is so beautiful and multitalented. She not only has unique and beautiful voice, but also can play many music instruments. Moreover, I just love the way she cover the song  in her way which so unique and expressive. It’s looked like she really enjoy the song very much J. I watch her video a thousands time and never get bored about it, in the other hand I just want to play it over and over again J. Okay, now I will share you my favorite cover music video by Janinna Weigel:

Flash Light,


 Love me Like You Do,


    Hello Good bye

 Hope you enjoy it too J

Finally, Her great music video has brought her popularity, not only in Thailand but also in the world. She is the one of the most 5 popular children in you tube.  Now, she is not only You tube artist, but she is also a famous celebrity in Thailand, she has her own album even actress in some movies, and model

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