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Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes

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This book tells about Sadako, a Japanese girl who suffered from Leukemia disease which was the result of huge radiation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb in 1945. Although she had survived from the most horrible tragedy in world’s human history, the effect of the bomb still had happened in 10 years later. When she had been diagnosed of Leukemia, she didn’t give up, however she tried to be optimistic, and kept her faith by making the thousand of paper cranes. 

This story inspired many people all over the globe, especially in Japan.  The story had clearly described the condition of many victims, which suffered from that huge radiation.   As the appreciation of her life story, the Japanese government decided to make a monument to remember how terrible of the tragedy had effected many children’s life in Japan.

Even we, as Indonesian, knew that terrible tragedy gave us benefit to our country, which finally we could gain our freedom after hundreds years of colonialism. However, for me, personally, war would always be nightmare in humanity. We never want it, we always hope that war to be ended, we always hope to live in peace.

Actually , it was sad to read this book, I just couldn’t imagine if I live in that era. Every day, every hour, every minute, even every second, we have to live in fear, worry, and anxiety whether we would survive or die. Moreover, we have to worry that we would never met tomorrow, and today would be the last day for us, and for anyone else. In fact, too horrible to be truth is in the other parts of the world, it still happen such as Palestine, Afghanistan, some countries in Africa.  

At the end, I just want to write a note to God:

Dear God,  I  hope for war to end and for peace to mend this world J

 Keep smiling for all children all over the world :)

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