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Counseling Class: The Power of Dream

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Yesterday , I taught counseling class in my family school, MTs. Fathussaadah. It was the first counseling class in this year. The topic of the discussion was The Power of Dream. I was so confuse to prepare teaching material before. I thought about it in a week, and finish it only in three hours, that was amazing, I mean, if we tried to finish our task,  everything would be easy. Alhamdulillah.

When I prepared for the material, I felt it  also helped myself, I mean, the information that I found in some of literatures really help me to solve my problem as  I felt that I lost my direction, forget about my dream.  As I told you before in the previous post, it’s difficult for me to focus on my goal since I have a lot of things to do, a lot of things that I want to achieve. So,  I forget of my dream anyway, to be an art therapist. 

Yup, sometimes it happen when I teach counseling or art therapy session. When I give the student the exercise in purpose to help them to express themselves. On the other hand, I also need the same therapy like they do to express myself and solve my problem. So, may be in the next session, before I give them art therapy exercise, I need to apply or try it to me first. Hohoho
Okay, here’s the picture of my students.

In the next session I will show you my essay that I sent to Goi Peace International Foundation about one of my passion, to be an art therapist :)

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