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Hello guys, how are you? A day didn’t post here, it feel like a year XD. Okay, now, I will share some books  that I read. It had been a long time I seldom read a book, until finally I found a book that I wanted to read. It was such kind of mood booster. Now, however,  I read at least a book in a week, yeah, most of them.

Reading book really help me to improve my vocabulary in English, in other words, it improved my writing skill too both Bahasa and English. I really need to improve my English skill, both speaking and writing. Another advantages is, it really help me to be more productive, I mean I can spend my day in positive activity, not only play with my phone, but also doing nothing.

Okay, here the books:

Tiger’s Eyes

It’s an old book which tell about the story of a teenager named Davey as she undergo a lot of changes since her father’s death. It’s not easy adapting to new situation, which full of adversity.
In my opinion, the story was simple yet full of meaningful lesson about early teenager’s life. It was revealed my 13 spirit to show up while was reading this book page by page. Actually, this book is recommended for teenager who still in process to recognize them self.
One lesson that I get from this book is, we just realize that they special after we lost them. Life is so precious as we only live once, so let’s express care to our beloved people since we’ll never know what will be happen in the future.

Me Talk Pretty One Day 

Full of struggle to finish this book even it’s kind of comedy book. I just couldn’t  find which part to laught at, the funny part. As I didn’t really know the culture of American, the book was difficult to read. Another reason was my English problem XD. Although it wasn’t easy, I tried my best to finish it, I just so curious about it.
Generally, the story is about the life of Davey Ramsey who attempts to find her tlent for the rest of life. She let her life flows like a water, let destiny decides her life, until finally she find somethingthat she wanted, something she really good at, approximately at age 40’s.
Things that I’ve learned from this book is between we discover our destiny and discovered by destiny, I choose both of them. Let us decide our goal, do the best as we can to achieve it, and finally let destiny decides the best for us.

Harry Potter

Absolutely, I don’t want to tell you the summary of this book. I believe you know the story better than me. The Fact is  I already watch the movie of Harry Potter 1-7 a thousand times, I read the novel both Indonesian and English version, but you know what? I still curious about this book, the more I read this book, the more I fall in love with this book
What I want to tell you is I just amazed by how JK. Rowling, the author of this book, makes the story feel alive. She can attracts the reader’s attention, everyone who read this book, be a part of the story, be a part of her imagination. I just could finish the half of the book in a day.  What a good book it is!

Beasiswa Lima Menara

I just could finish the book in a day! Can you believe it? Actually, it’s not the book itself  was thick, but there are many illustration in this book. Okay,  theory was done, and what I should do next is TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!! Scream to my self!! The voice of mind which never stop screaming until I can achieve it,  wish God always help me to make it true as soon as possible, sooner better :D

Chicken Soup for  Pet Lover Soul

Although I’m not pet lover, I enjoy this book so much, though it still not finish yet. It inspired me to have a new one J

Agar Bidadari Cemburu Padamu

I got this book from my friend, Ryan Hidayat

To be honest, I have a critical testimony for this book. In my opinion, the way of the author described and explained  the content little bit confusing, especially the language  that he used which not really systematic and consistent. So, it took a lot of time for me to really understand what its mean.
However, it was a good book which tell a lot of thing about women stuff from Islamic perspective. Things that I’ve learned from this book is it gave me new perspective and knowledge about how to be a good woman in Muslim.  

 Thanks Ryan for the book

Change Your Heart

I read this book for months. First time when I found it in my house, I was so curious about it. Although, what I expected about this book was totally different with the content, but I enjoyed it very much. I just like the way the author explained about step by step to be a good Muslim in many aspect of life in easy and beautiful way.  How to be a good Muslim with a health body, mind, and soul. What I love about this book is the content not only the theory, but also  It gave us practical step that we can follow. Moreover, this book also share many of inspiring story from many Muslim all over the globe which is the most favorite part . Like the previous book, this book gave me new perspective and knowledge about how to be a good woman Muslim, the history of Prophet  Muhammad SAW, how to maintain a good life, and etc. This book is recommended for every Muslim, especially for the one who need guidance to achieve the Kindness of All Kindness.

 At the end , Thanks for accompany me everywhere and every time, in the commuter, angkot, snack, and lunch time, while waiting for something and Wednesday’s trip

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