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Who don’t know Raisa? Young, pretty, and talented Indonesian’s new generation of singer, has gained popularity among music lovers in Indonesia since three years ago.  She has been an inspiration for many people, not only in musical performance but also her achievement in every aspect of her life. I really admire her too in many ways!! Wish you love her too J

I love her!!

I love her voice ,  everyone knows it! In other words, we never doubt about her talent in singing. Her voice is just perfect. Moreover, I like in every time she feat with the other singer, especially the man singer! She always try to build a harmony not only sharing equal vocal duties together but also makes great relationship on the stage. They able to make the audiences just speechless with their amazing performance. What a perfect duet ever! My  favorite one is Raisa featuring Tulus.


I love her personality, she seems to be kindly, humble, and simple person based on the way she talk, behave, and actually her appearance, both her physical and her fashion style. It just looks great! I think that’s makes her unique and different among the other singer and musician. In the other words, she just dare to herself in many ways.

Sometimes, feel like there are something in I commons with her! ( haha, really?). It doesn’t mean I want to be like her or she seems to be like me, but coincidentally I found some similarity like,  we born in the same month, June,  her favorite singer (Brian Mcknight, Whitney Houston, Alicia Key, Adelle, Joss Stone), her personality which prefer to be simple one, etc. Do you think those things is important? So, whatever, I just love it!!.

The last and the most important lessons that I learn from Raisa are her effort to achieve many great thing, zero to hero, and I love one of her favorite quote,

“sing from your heart so people can listen through their soul”

That’s really something. It makes me realize that  if we doing whatever we like,  no matter how hard it is, there is always way to enjoy it. I can’t agree more, I mean, it just shows from her performances, she always looks to enjoy the music while she sing with fun and no pressure!  I watch a lot of her video in the youtube and I never bored watching her, the more I watching her, the more I like and love it. There are my favorite one, wish u enjoy it !



LDR (Long Distance Relationship)


Do you know? I ever saw her live performance in Mandiri Run, one of running race event! She was one of the special guest at that time. Everyone is enjoy it! I just stand out and speechless while she is siging, that was amazing performance, and suddenly I realized that I lost my brother! My brother waited and looked for me for so long but he didn’t find me. Unfortunately, I just did nothing, not even called him since my cell phone was with him. At the end,  When I thought  is enough  for me to see her performance ( I watch more than 7 songs), then I decided to find my brother and finally  I found my brother easily. I looked to my brother face which was so confuse and got angry little bit. He asked me then, “ Where are you going?? I just answered, “ I just trying to find you, brother, but I cant find you, so where are you , brother? (I just lied Xp).

Im sorry bro that I lied to you, I  just don’t want you to get  angry with me J. So sorry. 

Since that moment, my brother bought me a fuel belt, so I can take care my cell phone by myself and make him easy to call me J. And you know what, I told him the truth story 7 months later, and his reaction jus smile J. So relieved!!! Thanks my brother, I love u! 


 Okay may be thats all from me :) Thanks for everything :). Bye bye

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The Power of Writing

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Hello again J

It’s Saturday! And today I will tell you about my hobbies, How about you? Do you have any hobbies?

I have many hobbies, such as; running, reading, painting, listening to music, watching  youtube video, dreaming, and  writing. Yup, I love to discuss about hobbies and I think you will agree with me if we talk about our hobbies, it will be never ending stories , actually with someone who have the  same intereat with us.  So, What about u? 

Okay, may be its better if  I tell you about one of my hobby, writing. But, before I discuss some reasons why I like writing, I’ll tell you a little bit about the history of how i began to write :D
I love writing and I even write my journal since 7 year old. I began to write since my sister gave me a diary for my birthday! Wow, thank you so much sista. It means a lot J.

I still remember the cover of first my diary, They are two sides, front and back. There is a clock in both two sides with different time, morning in the front and night in the back. I also remember how excited I was when I wrote a story for the first time J. Unfortunately the diary has gone forever. I’ve been searching anywhere, but I never found it. I miss it like crazy, I can imagine how excited I am if I read every story which had written there J.

my first diary cover, from front-back (right-left)

It was the only one diary till I graduated from elementary school. But don’t worry guys, even I never ever found it, The memory of my first diary always there in my heart. In fact, I own many diaries now J Yeah, I don’t know why but I think I can’t live without my diary. My diary is everything for me (haha, really? I don’t think so, but it’s really important stuff). Besides my own diary, I also shared diary with my friends and even mr. ex. Yeah,,, that’s something … hmm.

Okay, I’ll tell the story of my diaries in later post. So just wait n see, or you’ll regret it XDXD

So, that’s all the history of how I began to write and now I want to share my opinion or reasons why I love writing. Writing for me is a therapeutic journey like the power of magic spell, which heal the world, especially my world, my life, myself, and I

Yeah, I love it! 

Writing helps me to be an organize person. I’m kind of person who like to prepare everything before I do something important. I like to make a To – do list, and Future plan. Do all that things really help me to arrange my life better. I feel I can be a good planner, I know what I want in this life, and I try my best effort to accomplish them, and at the end  I always feel grateful of  every small stuff that I achieved in every day of my life.

Writing helps me to be a good problem solver. Sometimes, when I feel sad, I dunno what I really want because of many confusing situation that I experienced or many pressures in life, I just stay calm and write all down. Write randomly every thought in my mind, and finally I have an Idea and realize of what happened to me and discover the right explanation which describe my real condition, and finally I find the solution of my problem, Yeaaayy, I found the answer that I've been searching for and that’s awesome!!

Why it can be happen?? Because when you are writing you will experienced some emotional journeys, that’s called catharsis. Catharsis is the process of self expression when you release all the emotion that you keep inside, especially the negative one.  In our life, because of many activities that we have done, we haven’t enough time to express our self in right manner, so that makes you suddenly easy to get angry, sad, and many other negative emotions. May be you just ignore them and pretend that everything is okay, nothing’s wrong with you. Remember, your feeling is never lie, and you cannot pretend or even hide it. May be you try to hide for a while, but not forever since we will never know that someday it will be exploded and messed up everythingSo, that’s why making time to write helps you to communicate yourself. When we are writing, we connect to our self from our deepest mind, body, and soul in subconscious level which encourages your authentic self to show up.

Writing helps me to improve my creativity skill. Sometimes, while I'm writing, I often discover some ideas and inspiration intuitively from anything surround me through the expected chance and unexpected chance. So, lets  explore our Imagination and go out of the boundaries!! That’s Amazing!

Think about an extraordinary thing that the other cannot do!

Moreover, the most advantage of writing is if you able to make writing not only as your hobby, but also as profession. The are many people in the history of world who can get an unlimited abundance (not only the countable thing such as money and popularity, but also the uncountable thing such as; the life’s value and satisfaction)  by  writing.  My favorite writer is JK Rowling, Andrea Hirata, Lian Hearn, Erbe Sentanu, etc. These amazing people, who write from their heart and give a meaningful message through their writing,  has succeed in giving inspiration, motivation, and changes the other people’s life in better way.

Some of my favorite writers

Wish I can do the same thing one day J

At the end, the last and the most important things that you need to know is writing  can do by anyone, no matter their age and occupation. You don’t need to have any skill or talent and even special equipment since the main things that you must have is just small amount of space and strong desire to change our life, more fulfilled life. Although, some of us have may be have an opinion that, I can’t write, my writing just so bad! Hey, don’t you remember, many great writers on the earth began their first writing from the first draft!

So, you just need practice more and more to improve your writing skill J

Okay, may be That’s explain all! In conclusion Writing has give a lot of advantages to my life to be an organize and problem solver person, and improve our creative skill. May be yours  too! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin to write, and change our life!

So what are you waiting for?

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Miss them all

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Hi Dear,,,,
How are u?

How was your day? Its great, isn’t it? What was like??
I dunno what was happen to me, but I felt I’m not in good term. I got cold. It was a terrible cold, which made me could not do anything. I couldn’t concentrate well, the negative thought affected my emotion, and that was  too bad.

And don’t you know? Yeah, so suddenly, I miss all psychology stuffs so badly. It was really a long time ago since I was graduated from college, even when I had internship program, you know I never touch or read psychology books.
I just feel like there’s something miss in my life  : (
OOO,,, I miss them all!!

I miss my class,

I miss my friends , especially my classmates,

I miss my lecturer even the killer and the annoying one,

even I miss assignment, both individual and group assignment.

I miss to learn psychology again, and again, the developmental psychology, even abnormal psychology.
Yes, Abnormal psychology! Hey, I just want to warn you, if you want to read that book, things to remember is you must have clear and critical mind. I mean, if you just accept every word which stated in the book without clear and critical mind, im afraid you will easily make judgment not only for yourself but also for the others.

Let me give an explanation, if you read some articles about personality disorder, for example, paranoid. disorde You will find some characteristic of paranoid disorder such as;

“people with paranoid syndrome have a believe that world is unsure and unsecure, they always have high anxiety and worry about anything, they don’t believe people, has negative thought and suspicious to the other that people will hurt them, etc. “

After you read the statement, you will find that some points similar with your condition, or it will  reminds of someone you know and you think have similar characteristic with this syndrome, and finally you conclude that you or that person have the syndrome! Oh that’s too pathetic to be truth !!!

Realize it or not sometimes, we, me and my friends  as psychology student often experienced that, easily give conclusion or judgment and sometime we made a joke by using the syndromes. Hoho, I cant believe it!

Remember, we must have clear mind and critical thinking, we must able to differ that’s depends on situation, or any kind of possible reason since one day we will be a professional psychologist, and we have to be careful to give a diagnostic to our client.
Wrong diagnostic will affect the life of the client, right?
Can you imagine that people’s life depends on our diagnostic?
So, be careful, guys J

Yeah, such kind of funny story J, there so many other things that I want to tell you about the characteristic of psychology student who like gossip, and really curious about the other’s business. It’s different with me, who don’t care about the other, so that’s why I ever felt that I cant be a good psychologist. Many of my friend has good sensitivity to the surrounding even they stay calm and seem doing nothing, the fact that their eyes still observe the other  people by look at the behavior, body language and facial expression, so suddenly they can conclude that something wrong with the other, and you know, it was truly happened, they conclusion was right J
Wow, That’s really something like a magic right?

That’s why I miss them, all psychology stuff. Believe it or not, I realize then, even we are already graduated, but our graduation doesn’t mean that we stop learning. 

The truth is we have and even we need continue to learn more and more since our life will be more challenging after we graduated J

Lets do our best!! Work hard, pray hard, and be happy J

Wish I can give contribution to the other’s life someday, someway, somehow 

May be that’s all that I can tell u, wish I can tell you more in the next posting

See you guys J

Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

Happy Thursday!!!

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Happy Thursday all :)

Keep smile, and do our best:)
work hard, pray hard, and be happy :)
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Happy Ramadhan

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Happy Ramadhan J

I wish I can do my best in ramadhan!

Let the spirit of ramadhan  light up our life, fade all the hates in life, change and fill with love.
Let the spirit of ramadhan show the way to be better person J

Lets do our best in everyday in ramadhan. each day is our opportunity to accomplish meaningful goal in our life. 

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