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My Goals for Holiday

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Okay, before I prepare for some packing list, I want to share some purpose of my next holiday. Actually I will have holiday in 18 December to 15 January 2016. So, it will be almost a month trip and I need to prepare it perfectly, so it will be a great opportunity for me to achieve some certain goals! Sometimes I’m wondering, wish this trip will give me a miracle to change my life in a good way. Aamiin. Okay, there are some goals that I want to share with you:

  1. Meet my family, teteh, a Dhonny, Neo, and of course my new niece, Ade J. I miss them so much.
  2. Help my sister to take care the new baby, and also Neo.
  3. Campus Visit and find information about master degree program and the schoolarship: Western University of Sydney and La Trobe University. It’s one part of effort to give good experience and to visualize and sensualize my next goal.
  4. Visit some art therapy course and foundation in Sydney, to figure it out what’s art therapy is all about and how’s art therapist work.So I can figure it out my future career.
  5. Write my first book. 360 daily quotation.
  6. Meet my old friends: Charlie, Luke, and Michelle.
  7. Sketch Run at least 10 pictures, or painting.
  8. Go around Sydney, Melbourne (if I have a chance), and Woogoolga. Some place that I want to visit: Opera house, Harbour bridge climb, Sydney Harbour, Bandi beach, Blue mountain, Tulip Garden in Melbourne.
  9. Opportunity to have better job, while waiting for the scholarship, master degree program.
  10. The bonus that I’ve told you before in previous post

Okay, I hope God gives me the way to achieve it J
 Let me be a dream maker J

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Shannon Boyce on 1 Desember 2015 14.33 mengatakan...

These goals are wonderful! I hope that you achieve them all!

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