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I need to finish all my application both for scholarships and universities in the end of April!!

What should I do then, too many things to doneeee! Some goal targets are:
  • Master degree program of mental health, art therapy at the Queensland University
  • Master degree program of child and adolescent  developmental psychology at the Queensland University
  • Master degree program of Art Therapy at Western Sydney University
  • Master degree program of Art Therapy at La Trobe University
  • Master degree program of child and adolescent  developmental psychology at University of Sydney.

Scholarship Institutions:
  • Australian Awards
  • LPDP

Things to done  finish some supporting document:
  • IELTS score test result min 7.5
  • Essay why I choose these course (Universities)
  • Essay my contribution for Indonesia (LPDP)
  • Essay my biggest achievement (LPDP)
  • Recommendation letter from 2 referees why I eligible to accepted for  both scholarship and university
  • Recommendation letter from 2 referees who have experienced in visual art for more than 5 years
  • Art work portfolios as an artist, special need teacher, and counselor

Wish I can finish all these stuff in the end of April 29th  wish I can be accepted at Uni and get full scholarship this year. Aamiin

God, please show me the way to make it happen, Aamiin

My expression of IELTS

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Some expression of  me and sleepy eyes as I only sleep 5 hours because of  IELTS exam preparation. I usually wake up at 2:00 to study IELTS in an hour and sleep again at 04:00 and wake up again at 05:30 and go to office at 06:30.  I finish work at 03:30 and arrive at home at 04:30. At home, some activities I do are housing stuffs, cleaning stuff such as, wiping, ironing, washing my clothes, eat, and take a bath.  If I have extra time and mood, I spend my pleasure time to relax, watching movie, reading, yoga, until 07:30. Finally from 07:30 pm or 08:30 I study IELTS at least 1,5-3 hours its depends on time that I did before in the  morning. Overall I spend at least 3 hours to learn IELTS.

Honestly, it was so tiring to learn IELTS, I felt nervous if I have to learn, especially in reading, writing, and whole session of IELTS test in the weekend  and sometimes I meet boredom in study IELTS. However, I begin to enjoy it as I find some useful tips which easy to apply and make it fun and easer to study it both from book and internet. I’m so happy to live in this modern era which we can get many learning resources from the internet. Things that we must have is just strong desire!

Firstly,  I found difficulties in reading, I used to extremely  worry in every time I saw reading text, we need a lot of practices and tricks especially in manage our time which the most stressful one because of time pressure.  But, after I discover some IELTS reading tips from e-book, websites, and you tube, I begin to love reading section since we will gain a lot useful information which really good to improve our knowledge. I also love reading section because we don’t need to read and understand all the text, just scans the main idea, finds some key words in the question and text, such as, place, time, name of people, and vocabulary. It is easier to do that, trust me!

Secondly, in listeningsome activities that I’ve done to improve my Listening skill are watching movie, video on You Tube and BBC, listen carefully of the native teachers and students at school. The most useful website that I like to improve is EXAMLAB by Randall. It is good website which designed to improve English skill in general. For listening, this website provide both audio and video which we can use for practice. In addition, the level of audio are vary from easy to difficult one. Honestly, I still listen to the easy level, however since I learn from that as it affect my Listening IELTS section. I feel so happy and confident about it.

Thirdly, for speaking, I still need more exercise since tend to nervous and it affect to my ability in answering question, especially in answer my question in good structure. Moreover, I usually to repeat same statement all over and over again, my pronunciation still far from native speaker, still Indonesian accent especially when I said sometime, or words which begin from S and F letters. I also need to apply time pressure in every practice time,  tends to be short minded, can’t find another alternative answer, such as;  try to think spontaneously, and creatively, often stop for a while to think, tends to not finish my sentence in explaining something and  the last mistake is always think in general  doesn’t  give some detail information of my statement. So I need to practice and practice more, practice by myself and practice with all people at school. I love practice speaking since we don’t need a book, just need to record my voice, and it just fun. It just getting better every day. 

Lastly, writing, is one of skill that I need to struggle for, it is still difficult for me especially my writing section 1 to explain the graph, charts,table, bla bla bla and the last is section 2. I just need to organize my outline and make  good high quality  sentences which need to learn more and more vocabularies to achieve it. Some activities that I’ve to Improve it are reading book, writing blog, and memorize new words from my pocket dictionaries.

Okay Emiria. Good Luck for IELTS

Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

Me and "Anti mainstream Man"

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Hello all
Now, I want to share about one of my experience , it’s kind of  funny one, which related to my friend’s chat.

What makes the story funny because in every time I think about it I just couldn’t stop laughing .Okay, let’s begin the story, once upon a time, my college friend, boy, sent chat to me via FB. He asked for my WA number, so I gave it to him. There are the detail chat below ( I’ll tell you in bahasa and i wont tell his exact name, so let’s call him A, okay?)

I skip some message in order to the point to the story

Me: Selooow aja kali, btw sibuk apa sekarang? (tried to find another topic :p)
A: Kerja mir di consultant psikologi di daerah…..Emir? Baru balik dari Batam kmrn, bbrp bulan yang lalu (me: I didn’t even ask about it)
Me: Oia, apa namanya? Gua ngajar sekarang
A: ………. Daerah bogor deket rumah mir?
Me: jadi balik dari Batamnya kemaren atau bulan lalu?
A: November sih mir, terus lanjut kerja, Cerita dong mir gmn di Ausi?
Me: asik tu di batam ke Belitung gitu, pemandangannya bagus, kemaren lagi liburan sekolah, jadi ke tempat kaka
A: owh enak ya guru liburannya panjang, beda sama kita
Me: iyaaa lumayan banyak di sini
A: Mir, s2 yu, lagi pgn S2 nih gua, hehe
Me: iya,,, pengen lanjut  juga, harus lanjut kita soalnya. Psikologi
Me: Oh ya, Emir mau lanjut dmn?Anti mainsteam nih, Biasanya klo cwo ngajak cewe, nikah, Lah ini ngajak s2
Me: Hahaha soalnyacowo diajak cewe nikah pada kabur XDXDXDX, hmm pengen cri beasiswa, lw gimana
A: Lah curhat mir, gw mah mau bgtnikah mir, buat gw sih nikah bukan penghambat berkarir hebat, ortu blm setuju
Me: Kagalah,,,
A: Kaka gw blm nikah soalnya, cewe, tuhh kan jadi curcol, Lo sih mincing hehe
Me: Cuma ya kalo nanya yang seumuran rata2 banyak yang kejar karir, walaupun ada juga yang pengen nikah cepet, tgt orangnya juga sih, gua suka survey  gitu soalnya
A: tergantung sih mir, pengen bgt gw nikah tahun ini, menjaga agama Mir
Me: Ciyeee, udah ada calonnya lu?
A: Ga baik pacaran melulu, hha
Me: hahaha
A: Calon sih banyak, Cuma gua belum milih aja, kalo laki2 khan milih, kalo cewe nunggu, paling Cuma bisa kasih jawaban iya/ga. Lo sendiri gmn, udah punya calon?
Me: Gaya banget lu banyak pilihan, Gua udah ada (Actually, I want to continue my text, :Udah tercatat di alam ruh, tapi sayannya belum ketemu”, Iater If he ask or probe my statement)
AA: Bla blab la, (because he didn’t probe my statement, so I didn’t text it)
And  our text was getting shorter and shorter, and finally he said:
A: Mir, gua lanjut dulu ya, Have a nice day Mir!

I was so surprised with his respond, why suddenly he stopped texting me, later I realized that because I said “Gua udah ada”, may be that’s why he did it! I just started to laugh over and over again, just couldn’t stop it! XDXDXD  I laughed because of my action, I mean Why I could be so insensitive in respond a conversation like that. Lucky me if he not the one that I admire, so I don’t need to regret it, but how about if it happened to the one that I really love??  I could be made a huge mistake that I’ll regret it!!!! XDXDXD XD

Sometimes, I tried to reflect what had been happened in my life, is it may be the one reason that till now I still don’t have a boy friend? Because I don’t know how to respond or react to someone that I really2 liked? I just confused and didn’t know how to do in give respond and keep communicating till finally me and him made it! Yups, sometimes, I feel  that way, I’m so insensitive and awkward in front of someone or to deal with someone I like.  Is it the reason? Or is it just onlv the matter of time and the part of  God’s plan to make it come true, until I finally meet the right one? 

Hmm,,,I dunno, I just need to figure it out :D

I`m struggling for IELTS

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I`m struggling for IELTS

I will have IELTS exam in 3 weeks later. I hope I can pass the exam. I need IELTS score to apply scholarship and Universities. Based on my research, universities in Aussie has  minimal standard score band 6.5, but some of them include one of my target needs to have band 7.5! can you imagine it!! What a high score it is!!!

The truth is, last month I did TOEFL ITP test, and the result was so disappointed, my score was still under 500, 498. I just cant believe it. It was the third time I did the test, in the end of 2013 (my score was 494, without any preparation), in the mid 2014 (my score decreased to 480 even I had already learn for couples of week) I felt double disappointed because I thought I had confidence enough to improve my score since I had already took LIA conversation class, but it was still not enough to achieve it, and the last in February ( my score was 498 even though I already learn, I took conversation class, IELT preparation  class for 4 month, and the last I have worked in International school for more than a year, I have tried to do my best to understand the expat teachers which most of them are Australian, fully struggle to really understand what they said, I need 2 terms to understand it, I also communicate with English most of the time!!! Super Double Dissapointed!! What’s wrong with me? Is it my English skill  too bad??? Whoaaa, I just wanna cry!!!

However, day by day has passed and I don’t want to let myself in tears anymore, I don’t want to let the gold opportunity to go away. This year is perfect time for me to achieve something that I really wanted for  long time ago. May be last year, I don’t have enough brave  to take any action because of some reasons that I can’t explain it, it will be take pages if I do that, so this year I’m trying my best to achieve my dream.

I realize that I did too many risk to decide to take IELTS, my brother  complained that I made it in a rush, and I should to take time because you know IELTS test is expensive, the price is higher  almost 6 times than TOEFL ITP and I only have 6 weeks preparation, which the last TOEFL test still under  500, so it probably impossible for me to achieve target band 7.5. Some friends say that, friends of them need to try IELTS more than one time.
I realize that I did crazy things, but I think I will be in extremely remorse if I don’t take this chance. Since I already delay it for 2 years, i hope I can do my best this year, may be it’s the part of the plan that I just have Guidance, AHA experience, or whatever it is this year.

God, please help me, please help m e to prove that I can pass my IELTS Test. I’m trying to do my best. 

Good Luck Emi, keep fighting for it, I know you can do it, study hard, and pray the best J

Go for IELTS, Go for Master Art therapy Program!

Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

My Mind

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Married and Master Degree of Art Therapy

Always feel extremely nervous in every time I think about them.
These two stuff which I’m  still fighting for, these two stuff which I need fully struggle to achieve it.

Can I make it happen this year?

Even I don’t have any boyfriend now, even I don’t have someone to think of, even I don’t want to think about it because I just need to take a really super deep breath for a while and take a rest, until I feel I'm ready to start the new one, the last one.

No matter what I feel nside, I just want to make my emotion always on “neutral” mode and let my logical side lead the way to focus on my dream until I achieve it!

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