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Neo's Hobby

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Neo likes to watch TV. His Favorite channels are Baby TV and Cbeebies. Honestly, I seldom watched TV on this holiday. Since he does not seem want to be disturbed in every time he watches his favorite TV programs, I can’t do anything, just doing nothing.

“How poor I am!”


Therefore, I can say that almost all the time he watches the TV. Can you imagine it???

So, here the illustration, hope you'll enjoy it!! :D

Its Neo

Neo watching tv

How serious he is!

when neo watching TV.................

Then I come, and want to watch TV Too.................

Hmmm,, Yeah, I think of some great Idea.................

I change the TV Channel hohoho.................

He angry, but I just ignore ho..lalalalala..I enjoy My Life lalala..............

Then, he take the remote and give to me, expect me to change the channel (what a smart baby!!! Arrggh)............

I'm just trying to ignore him, but,,,,,

So, thats the ilustration, hohoho (I’m sorry if there are grammatical error,)

Im not only want to tell you about the illustration but also about his favorite TV program.

One of his favorite program is……


Mr. Maker on Cbeebies

Mr. Maker it’s not only Neo’s favorite program but also my favorite program too. Hohoho . It’s amazing program, teach us how to think creatively and how to get many inspiration from everything around us. Yup, everything!!!! You can create an incredible art from everything around you even unusual things such as; cereal box, drinking soda bottle, raveled string, or even pasta. Can you believe it? It’s really Cool!

Gets inspiration from everything around you!!!!

Mr. Maker give me a lot of inspiration and Idea to make an Extraordinary and Creative art from an Unusual things…

Thank you Mr. Maker!!!

MY Favorite quote from Mr. Maker at the end of the show is

“My making time is over, But YOURS it just beginning!!!!”

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Maria on 15 Februari 2012 07.36 mengatakan...


I loved your illustration!! It's really good :D

I don't know what TV program this is, but it seems to be amazing!! Too bad I can't see it :S

Thanks for follow, I'm following you now sweetie ;)


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