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Its Doodling time

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Hello everyone!

Today is doodling time! So, can you guess what I am going to make today?

Do you curious about it, don’t you??

Well, Today I’m going to make a painting with oil pastel! Yap, I love making painting with oil pastel, I love the effect when the color mix together, doesn’t it look beautiful?

Okay, here we go,,,

Oil pastel is one of My favorite painting media

the reason why i really love it because when the color mix together it will give an amazing effect to your painting

First of all, I don’t have any idea what I’m going to make today, but I do really want to painting to express all emotion that I've kept inside. It s really wonderful when you can make it happen, trust me! Just pour out all your feeling into your painting and see the result J


A bridge

Here’s the result, do you like it? what do you think?

What a messy hand! Hohoho, But I do really love it….

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Julia Sh. on 15 Februari 2012 02.18 mengatakan...

WOW..... how did u make that one? It is amazing!

ps. Thank you for the lovely comment and following me :) . Of course I am following you back, dear!

Much Love,
Julie -

Emiria Farahdina on 15 Februari 2012 03.12 mengatakan...

just let it flow,,,,I dunno exactly what i'm doing at that time, by the way, thanks for your comment on my posting, :)

Your blog so inspired me :)

ATW on 15 Februari 2012 03.30 mengatakan...

thank you so much :)
really like your blog and follow you now.
would be very happy if you came back some time to my blog .. .and maybe follow back!? :)
xx love

Emiria Farahdina on 15 Februari 2012 04.02 mengatakan...

Of course :)
I'm following you now, I love your blog
Lets be friend and comment each other,
nice to know you :)

Thanks for your comment on my posting :D

Júlia/Carol on 15 Februari 2012 05.23 mengatakan...

Hello Emiria, i am follow u now, ok? Your blog is very interesting.
Kisses, Júlia.

Maria on 15 Februari 2012 06.07 mengatakan...

It's amazing how you did that!! You are so talented :P

I really like your style and your blog!

Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)


"Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico em casa"

-E. on 15 Februari 2012 10.45 mengatakan...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
You're so talented.

I'm your follower as well.


Sarah Ward on 15 Februari 2012 11.51 mengatakan...

The colors you used in your artwork are so rich and beautiful! I love the finished product, it has a Monet feel to it with the bridge.

Cable Car Couture

Walk This Way on 15 Februari 2012 22.22 mengatakan...

Thank you for your sweet comment<3
Wow, such an amazing painting! I love the intense colors! How long did it take for you to paint it? :)


Emiria Farahdina on 17 Februari 2012 00.05 mengatakan...

thanks :D

Emiria Farahdina on 17 Februari 2012 00.08 mengatakan...

thanks :D

Emiria Farahdina on 17 Februari 2012 00.10 mengatakan...

Thanks :D can't wait for your next posting :)
I don't remember exactly how long i finished it, may be an hour

Emiria Farahdina on 17 Februari 2012 00.12 mengatakan...

of course,,,, thanks for your comment and follow my blog, your blog is interesting too, I love it :D

Emiria Farahdina on 17 Februari 2012 00.13 mengatakan...

thanks for following me, and for your sweet comment :D

Jenn @ PSP on 17 Februari 2012 05.38 mengatakan...

You are an awesome artist! Loving that picture! I can't capture art by drawing, so I just take pictures ; ) Thanks for checking out my blog!


Mon on 18 Februari 2012 11.17 mengatakan...

Wow!! That's beautiful! You're very very talented!
Great blog! :)


Aurelia (A Pretty Life) on 19 Februari 2012 13.07 mengatakan...

wow keep going, nice drawing, ou are very talented.Beautiful, I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back

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