Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

My First Mural Painting of The Year

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I  miss make the other mural painting, wish I can make at least 3 mural paintings in canvas.

I wanna share you my first mural painting of the year. Hope you’ll enjoy it :D. No more captions, but pictures :D

Selfie Time !! :D

#Inktober Day 7

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Tuhan tidak akan mengubah nasib kaumnya, sebelum kaum tersebut berusaha untuk mengubah nasibnya.

Semua hal yang terjadi di alam semesta tidak terjadi secara tiba-tiba, semua membutuhkan proses.

Bagaikan seekor ulat kecil yang berubah menjadi seekor kupu-kupu yang indah. Awalnya, tidak ada pernah menyangka bahwa ulat kecil yang rentan dan buruk rupa itu akan bermetamorfosa menjadi seekor makhluk yang luar biasa cantiknya. Namun waktu membuktikannya, perlahan tapi pasti seekor ulat yang kecil tumbuh menjadi ulat dewasa, hingga kemudian  berubah menjadi kepompong. Dan pada saatnya tiba, pada akhirnya kepompong tersebut menjadi seekor kupu-kupu yang cantik.  

Semua hal yang terjadi di alam semesta tidak terjadi secara tiba-tiba, semua membutuhkan proses.

Bagaikan tiram kecil yang berubah menjadi mutiara. Kotoran melukai tiram, kotoran itu masuk ke cangkangnya. Ia sama sekali tidak menyukainya dan mencoba untuk menyingkirkannya. Namun ketika gagal melakukannya, ia berkeputusan untuk menciptakan benda paling indah sedunia. Ia melapisi kotoran itu berulang kali hingga luka itu sendiri berubah menjadi sebutir mutiara ynag cantik berkilauan (Vikas Malkani, “A Pearl of Awareness).

Semua hal yang terjadi di alam semesta tidak terjadi secara tiba-tiba, semua membutuhkan proses.

Dan pada akhirnya,
Aku percaya. Aku percaya bahwa hidup adalah sesuatu yang aku inginkan. Aku percaya Tuhan mengharapkan sesuatu untukku, sesuatu yang aku harapkan, tanpa batas. Tuhan telah merencanakannya dengan sempurna. Yang aku perlu lakukan adalah berusaha sekuat tenaga untuk mencapainya. Hingga pada saatnya, semua akan terwujud menjadi indah dan sempurna :)

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

#Inktober Day 6

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Your eyes is never lie, as like as a mirror which reflect your mind and soul, 
they always tell the truth.

Even you try to hide ad ignored it , but you’ll never ever forget it as they always be there.
Even you try to pretend and deny it, but you still can feel it as they never ever  go away.

The more you fight the feeling, the more you lose it. Trying to act as a perfect one, pretend that everything will be alright. However, you will never solve the problem.

Yeah, may be you already hide, ignore, pretend, deny them perfectly. However your eyes is never lie, just like a mirror which reflect your mind and soul, they always tell the truth.

Selasa, 06 Oktober 2015

#Inktobber Day 5

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. 

The true beauty in woman is reflected in her soul, which love should be the most important part of it.

#Inktober Day 4

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Life is not about making an income, but making an impact_ Kevin Krus.
That’s what a friends are for, they always try their best to give contribution the other’s life, make an impact even from small stuff :D

Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Totto-Chan’s Children: A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World.

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Totto-Chan’s Children:  A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World.
PS: finished this book while i was waiting for my friend at Juramangu Station :)

Okay before I tell you the story of the book, I want to state my gratitude first, Alhamdulillah, I feel my mood in reading has improved significantly than before. Different than before, I can read at least a book in a week. It’s faster than usual. Actually I could read a book in months or even in years, gave up easily to stop reading book if it’s too boring and difficult. Thanks God for the improvement. Now, I can use my time wisely, spending time in positive activities. Yup, in other words, I can be more productive now!

Totto-Chan’s Children, A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World. Actually, I read this book 2 years ago when I did my research in Rumah Sakit Marzuki Mahdi. While I waited for the patients or subjects of my research, I was reading the book. I just couldn’t stop page by page as the story of the book made me so curious about it. This book succeed to make me cried in a sec. it was an amazing real story. However, I was so busy to finish my final assignment, I had to meet my lectures, read so many kinds of literatures or references which related to my research, and etc. That all thing had made me forgot about the book, and I had to skip that book for 2 years later till I find the perfect mood to read it again. Whoa, How a procrastinator I am!! Even though I hadn’t read the book for 2 years, I still remember the last page of book which I already rad even there was no book mark inside the book!

The story is tell about the humanity journey of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, as UNICEF agent,  who travelled around the world, especially went to many developed and conflict countries in purpose to know children’s life. She visited the hospitals, schools, orphanages, ministries, and many other place to find the information, to see the condition of unprivileged children in many ways, such as; victim’s war, children which summmmffered from severe disease or even dying, they who lived full of nightmare, fear, and anxiety because of life’s difficulties, they who see the member of their family killed in front of them, orphan children, they who lived separated with their family, they who haven’t eat and drink for days, and etc.  This book clearly describes about the condition of various children who live not lucky as we are. It was made me realize that we need to grateful of our condition even we thought to ourselves that we are  the most unlucky person. The truth is, there are  hundreds, thousands, even millions of people live not as lucky as we are.

At the end, I just wanna say thanks to Tetsuko Kuronayagi for such her courageous experiences and shared it with us :D

Meet Up :3

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Late Post

Hello again! 

I’m sorry for being late to post here. I was so happy that finally I met these ladies after long time no see :). So many things have happened to us, distance and time have made us apart :(. 

There were a bad and a good news. The bad news is.unfortunately, one of my friends, Santy suddenly decided couldn’t come in last minute because of family business.  It was sad because it has been a long time I’ve never seen her. However, the good news is, Fristy, suddenly  joined our gathering J What kind a surprise and happy news. It was like a dream that a day before the gathering, I was thinking about her and really miss her so much, and finally God really answered my pray that we can meet each other. How grateful it was :)

However, nothing has changed, even from the outside we looked different, but we’re still the same like we are before, we’re still good friends, best friends.
  • Ayu, she’s the real psychologist (wanna be), she’s care, sensitive to the other’s need, good listener and advise giver :)
  • Nai, aaa, we’ve been a lot  of things together, she’s always be the first one who know everything about me :D
  • Tya, I always remember you’re always  with me when the first internalization day in our beloved campus, good listener, care, it always nice to share with you. 
  • Wisti, she’s smart one, she knows a lot of things, good initiator, and I always happy if we sing together in karaoke, forget about our frog voice, since we enjoy the songs! And don’t you know? We’re so lucky that  we got highest score of all, 99! Almost perfect XDXDXD   Let’s Marvin Gaye and Get it on !!!!
  • Lela, she’s funny and always looked happy no matter what happen to us, and the most important thing is  there something in common between us, we love to eat, we eat  a lot and fast. Let’s eat together XOXOXO 
  • Fristy,,, AAAAaa we’ve been through so many things together, we did assignment together, same group in internship program, proposal seminars, development of children and adolescence specialization.   I love you lah, ti!!!
Okay, I wont talk anymore, no more stories, but pictures. XDXDXD!! We took a lot of picture there (Exchange and Lottemart, Bintaro). Here we are :

See you next time, ladies !

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friends is to understand and to be understood :)
Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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