Jumat, 27 November 2015

Selfie Time

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Mixed Pics

It had been a long time that I never express myself. Spent quality  “me time” to appreciate yourself, both mentally and physically. Routine activities sometimes make you stuck, so you need a special time just to get out from your routine circle, and voila, think out of the box!!

That’s why, for that reason, I decided to do make up tutorial. It was really fun activity to express yourself, just to make yourself look pretty with make-up, boost your confidence, and express your creativity in how to apply make-up.

In this make-up tutorial I want to show you how to apply “Korean Make-up Style”. I won’t do this to make my self look a like Korean artist. Hoho, of course not! I know it won’t be happen to me anymore as my skin is not as light as them (it’s because I have exotic one, LOL XD), and my eyes are big. In the other words, I just love Korean artist make up, it look so young and fresh! Okay, For more specific about the process, I won’t tell you in this post, I’m so sorry, but I’m promise I will tell you about it in my next post! So, just wait and see ya!

Okay, it’s time for SELFIE TIME Ladies :D

The result

My expressions

Vintage Style

Classic black and white

Mixed Up Feeling

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Akhirnya setelah sekian lama, Hmm gak lama juga sih, sekitar 3 mingguan, Visaku keluar juga, Alhamdulillah. Seneng banget rasanya, tapi deg deg gan gak tahu kenapa, tinggal 3 minggu lagi menjelang hari tersebut, gak terungkapkan bagaimnana rasanya nanti. Gak kerasa banget ya, 3 minggu bisa dibilang cepat bisa juga dibilang lama. Hmm, rasanya pikiranku sekarang sudah melayang ada di sana. Yap perjalanan yang nekad banget (hmm,, buat aku yang gak pernah ngelakuin hal-hal nekad ya! Hoho

It will be a long trip, almost a month there! I haven’t prepare anything for that, I’m so nervous, so I don’t know what should I do exactly. Okay, what should I do is, I have to do my best, and pray the best. Make the packing list, arrange the itinerary for a month trip. I hope this trip will bring benefit for my life, especially for my future career, continue my master degree program for art therapy, add new circle of friends, and may be meet my future husband, AAAAAAAaaa XDXDXD, for the last wish it will be a bonus. I just hope that I have luck enough to make it, Aamiin.   I’m so nervous I’m so nervous, what should I do what should I do. 

Dear God, I hope everything, every step that I take will be all right. 

Selasa, 03 November 2015

me and make up :)

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just wanna share these pictures




Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

Jakmar 2015

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I wanna share about my first Half Marathon race experience at Jakarta Marathon 2015 , Monas, Jakarta.

Things that I’ve learned from this experience was is Personal Best is not everything since we can spend quality time with our beloved people, especially my brother. It has been a long time that we never hang out or spend time together such as; dinner, sharing our experience, thought, and feeling. I was so relieve that I have this wonderful brother in this world who really understand me, I was so happy to be his sister. BIG HUG AND KIS FROM YOUR SISTER, AA

Actually, I had a target to get PB, 2 hours to get finish, but when I ran I met my friends, Nisa and Kang Gugun,  we run together, so I forgot about my target since we could achieve it together and the most important thing was I could finish together with my beloved brother. It was kinda of sweet surprise for me. I was so happy and grateful of it.

Something in mind

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Firstly, Im sorry, but may I have to stop the inktober
Im not sure about it, since it's not the final decision yet. So many things have happened to my life, recently, it have made me more difficult  to make it. Actually its only 8 days, I still have an opportunity though. Okay, at the end I just can say let's see if there's any possibility, I'll make it. 

Secondly, i decide to deactivate all social media account, FB, IG, Path. It will be 10 days trial, from 27 October until 17 November. The first day has been done. The reason why i deactivate them because i want to spend my time in good activity that will give us benefit, such as reading book, IELTS practice, or any kind of good information, care to all people surround you, especially your parents, family, and friends, and be  more grateful of your life as realize it or not sometimes social media give us tendency to compare your life with the others. i want my life in peace, mind, body, and soul.

Thirdly, my priority right now is to prepare IELTS. Today, was productive day enough for me, I finished  my report, I finished 3 week lesson of IELTS in a day. I know its not effective, but its better than nothing, I hope I gonna to finish the rest of them, 2 more weeks  lesson tomorrow, and practise and repeat again, take another online course more seriously, till finally i'm ready for the real IELTS test, both mentally, and financially in early, Desember =). In the other word, I only have a month to focus practice of IELTS Test.

and Finally, there are a lot of things to do, I have to prepare my visa for December, I hope I get Working Holiday Visa. I need to plan my trip perfectly. i want everything well prepared and run well.  I need to rearrange my life, and they all need a month to achieve it. Bismillah…

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2015

Dare to Express Our Uniqueness

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I wrote this essay for GOI Peace International Foundation in 2014. It stated specifically about what I want to do in the future based on my experienced.
Okay, I hope you enjoy it :D
Dare to Express Our Uniqueness

Nowadays, more than many other times in the history of humanity, special need children more accepted than before. Since the development of recent research, give positive result about the  treatment, the government has supported to make education system in order they have an equal opportunity, and cared about public facilitation to support the mobility of their daily activity.

In spite of the world’s good news, the disabled in Indonesia is still lack of support. The government has struggled to develop education system for them, but there are still few special need schools and inclusion school which not enough for them.  There are also still lacks of public facilitation to support their mobility. The most important truth is people with disabilities are less accepted in social community in Indonesia.

Most of Indonesian still have negative perspective of disabled.  They are still believe in having disabled child is punishment from God, and underestimate their ability that they cannot do anything, and many other negative statements. The statement is unfair and against the human right. That negative paradigm will affect their education, social, cultural, and psychological skills. Every person in the world has equal opportunity to achieve their dream. We have to believe in behind their limitation, they can do many incredible things.

I was kind of person who have some negative thought of them before. That things happen was not because I hated or avoided them, it was because I didn’t understand how to dealing with them. Sometimes, our previous experience may impact how our feeling about them. Some us have been taught to avoid, glance away from, or ignore of people with disabilities. The avoidance may be because we don’t know how to act or what to say and may be afraid of making mistake.

I’m a person of faith I didn’t know what was next, but I felt God guiding me. Out of the blue, this negative perspective was faded and changed forever since I have internship program in one of national special need school for visual impairment student in Indonesia. In that school, I met a lot of disabled student with visual impairment, some of them have multi disabled such as mental retarded, autism, etc. I also interacted with student with other kind of disabilities such as; down syndrome, mental retarded, etc. I observed their behavior, how they interacted with the other people, played with friends, and learned in the class.

In spite their disabilities, I realize, there is nothing wrong with them. They just the same as other children who not have disabilities which need care, and love from us. Since that time, I felt more love and more curious about them. I realized, they are not good or bad, but they need to be acknowledged.

The most incredible moment was when I met one of low vision student who has great talent in art, but had some problem in verbal, learning, and social skill. I had to make treatment for him and I decided to do art therapy. Art therapy is one of therapy that using art material as the method since art is known as universal language.

Surprisingly, the art therapy session made an amazing result, which increased his social skill and solved learning problem. It was amazed me how art therapy did work for him. It was wonderful experience that I ever had, which finally changed my life and found my destiny. Since that moment, I finally decided want to be an art therapist.

I believe that my role as an art therapist is to help people in the world explore and express themselves authentically through art. Through this process, people may find relief from overwhelming emotions, crises or trauma. They may discover insights about themselves, increase their sense of well-being, enrich their daily lives.

There are many challenges in the future since art therapy in Indonesia still not well-developed. Although, some people underestimate in my decision to be an art therapist, I believe in my ability to accomplish many great thing during my life time. We live in one world, our idea will give important contribution to our world. Let express our unique talent!

The Power of Dream

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I was so confused about my dream before, I mean I love psychology and art, so what should I do in the future? However, God showed me the way and I got the answer when I wrote an essay for GOI Peace International Foundation in 2012. I want to be an art therapist.

Okay, here’s my essay, The Power of Dream, I hope you enjoyed it
“You might not realize it when it happens, however your worst experience would be the best thing that happened to you.” Walt Disney

The statement gives clear message that if we know how to handle the failure properly, we’ll be more successful than before, but if not, we will fail. This happens because every crisis carries two elements, danger and opportunity. Therefore, no matter how difficult the circumstances, no matter how dangerous the situation, at the heart of each crisis lies a tremendous opportunity.

There so many people in the human history can success through failure. These people know the secret of finding opportunity within crisis, and they never understand the meaning of limitation. With their graceful effort, they always defy repeatedly until they realize their objective.

With the power of dream, they challenged themselves to create impossible and incredible things. More than just wishing, they combined with vision, planning, and action. They do not dream for a day, they dream all day, and they dream for a living. I believe everyone in this world has a dream, dream for a better world.
When we talk about the world, let us take a moment. Think of what happened in our world now. Can you feel it?  What do you think to make our world be the right place for living? 

As we look around at the world's problems and wish they would go away, but they stubbornly persist despite our most heartfelt desires. People starve, communities fall apart, violence thrives, families fade, and nature disappears. We continue with our lives as if nothing is wrong. However, sometimes it whispers in our, about the guilty feeling for that something has gone twisted. How did we end up here, as we know the reality does not give us any happiness?

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make  
a change."

Of course we can make the world better, to create a completely new world, which full of hope. There are nothing impossible in this world since the main things that we must have is just small amount of space and strong desire to change, to better, more fulfilled life.

This should be starts from our self. Changes from simplest step that will not only make you a better person, but will also make the world a better place to live in. It is best way to realize your dream and passion.

I have a dream in my life; I want to be a psychologist who succeeds in developing artistic assessment and treatment tools for children with special need. The main reason I use art as my tools is because I love art, I love painting and I really want to combine psychology and art. Art is very helpful to help me express idea, thought, and feeling.  Study conducted at the University of Minnesota, USA shows art therapy is a great tool to encourage non-disabled children to initiate interactions with autistic children Monitoring two groups of autistic children (one younger, one older). Expressive arts therapy does not have to be used only as a treatment though. It can be used to relieve stress or tension, or it can be used as a mode of self-discovery. Many people can stand to use some sort of creative outlet.

I also want to have my own clinic, so I can implement the training and development program about creativity especially for children and adolescents. The Opportunity is to help them in increasing their creativity so that they can be more creative and innovative.

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns." 
Edward de Bono

I believe in  everything that comes to my life has a purpose “ God always know everything and I have to find the reasons  no matter difficult it is till I understand it.” We have the reason, the vision, the power, and the technology to create an amazing New World. Now, we have a way to bring it all together in a cohesive global movement, where ordinary people change the world by working locally and impacting globally.


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