Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

lovely assignment

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in the older post, I said that

I’m not ready for any assignment.

do you remember that??

Well, let me think over.

Guess what? Surprise! The great news is I’m changing my mind now. In contrast,

I really am in love in finishing all assignment

no matter how hard and difficult it is. Can you believe it! Yeah, the truth is, I really enjoy them all. Sometimes, it really help me to forget every negative thought even just for a while. Thanks God. finally, after waiting for so loooooong, you give me an “divine guidance” to direct the right way, best way for me

Today's quote

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There are only two statement that I want to declare

I hate to wear skirt,

I hate coffee

Do you think those sentence have connection each other?

Hmmm,,, let us think over,,,

whatever the answer is, i'm so sure with this statement :D

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

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All I need to say is

Dad, I really need to talk with you,

I just want to share everything what I have kept inside for so long,
I don’t know what it is. There is always a place, an empty place in my deepest soul, waiting for you to come in. It seems very hard to find the best time and opportunity just for two of us to begin the conversation. I don’t have any courage to do it, to explain all the story that I want to share, all the emotion that always grow greater and greater in my mind, all the question to be answered by you. I feel like I always loss my word in every time I see your face . I feel like there are a space between us.

Dad , I need you, only you, the one who I can trust, while I don’t think no one else will understand what things have happened to me.”

Only you, Dad

I always miss u very much, I miss every moment we’ve been trough together, I miss them a lot. Wish time will tell everything which will bring us back to that moment. I wish it will be come true……

Love u, Dad

Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Wake Up Emiria !

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Holiday is over a week ago, but I’m still not ready enough to back to campus, Oh my,,,, I musn’t be happen to me.

I’m still not ready enough to meet assignment again again and again. Although last week is my first week in this semester, Lectures had already give us a lot of assignment which must be finished this week. Can you believe it? Yeah, I know and realize that’s its really normal when you have a lot of assignment. That’s what student is all about, right? The biggest problem is seems like shock therapy for me because my thought still thinking about holiday and holiday! What a bad student I am! Whoaaaa.! Wish u do better than me!

I’m still not ready to focus and concentration in listening all lecture explanation! Oh My Gosh! How could it be! You musn’t do that emiria, the first meeting is important one because there so many information given that will help you a lot.”

I’m still not ready stay longer in my dormitory. Although everything has change and everything become better and better, the condition, the interaction with the other member, I feel like I always miss my house, my room and the condition which sometime much different, I really miss them and feel like I really wanna go home. Yeah, some kind like home sick, may be and even I’m kind a person who difficult to move, even just one little step, from my comfort zone.

I won’t let it happen to me,

Hey, Wake up, Emiria, wake up!

You have to made up your mind!

Since I have strong faith and desire to change, I can make it true

You Go Girl :D

At the end, I just want to say

Full of hope

Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Geprak Sirih

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Its Friday, so it’s right time for Geprak Sirih to Neo! Hmm,,,, Geprak Sirih? What’s that mean? Okay, may be you don’t have any idea, or even you never heard about these strange words, so you don’t have to worry, I will explain it.

Geprak Sirih is one of tradition of Sundanese or Javenese, the name of ethnic or clan in Indonesia. Yes, it’s true that I’m Indonesian. Although not all Sundanese or Javenese still do or even believe the ritual or tradition in this modern era, but for some of them still have believe in doing Geprak Sirih. The meaning of Geprak Sirih itself is giving sirih, some kind of leaf, to Baby by hit the leaf to the baby’s lip in order they have a nice smile and can talk or speak well. Geprak Sirih usually done in every Friday at 11 am. Before we hit the sirih to the baby’s lip, we have to pray and make a wish, and after that we softly hitting them in baby’s leaf while we state our purpose by telling it third times.

Some kind of funny isn’t it? May be, if we think logically, it doesn’t make any sense at all. How can it be? I mean, how can by hitting the leaf to the baby’s lip can make them have nice smile, or they will be friendly to the other and can speak well. If you want your baby have a nice smile or can speak well, you have to make a good environment that can support and stimulate them to speak.

Yeah, believe it or not, I still have faith to do the tradition J WISH YOU CAN SPEAK WELL, Neo!

Sirih in my house

Its called sirih

Just pick one of them

Lets Geprak Sirih :)

Hit softly to his lip and spell "Speak Speak Speak" or " Smile Smile Smile" :D


He smiles! Cheers XDXD

Happy Birthday Wisti :D

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Its’ today her special day
Its’ today her special day

Today I just want to say…..

Happy Birthday!!

to my best friend



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