Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

lovely assignment

Diposting oleh emiria farahdina di 08.10

in the older post, I said that

I’m not ready for any assignment.

do you remember that??

Well, let me think over.

Guess what? Surprise! The great news is I’m changing my mind now. In contrast,

I really am in love in finishing all assignment

no matter how hard and difficult it is. Can you believe it! Yeah, the truth is, I really enjoy them all. Sometimes, it really help me to forget every negative thought even just for a while. Thanks God. finally, after waiting for so loooooong, you give me an “divine guidance” to direct the right way, best way for me

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jamie on 23 Maret 2012 22.04 mengatakan...

hii :) thanks for the sweet comment you left me. finishing an assignment or research paper makes me feel so good inside :) im glad you feel that way now too :)

adi on 26 April 2012 20.31 mengatakan...

salam senyum sapa

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