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Wake Up Emiria !

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Holiday is over a week ago, but I’m still not ready enough to back to campus, Oh my,,,, I musn’t be happen to me.

I’m still not ready enough to meet assignment again again and again. Although last week is my first week in this semester, Lectures had already give us a lot of assignment which must be finished this week. Can you believe it? Yeah, I know and realize that’s its really normal when you have a lot of assignment. That’s what student is all about, right? The biggest problem is seems like shock therapy for me because my thought still thinking about holiday and holiday! What a bad student I am! Whoaaaa.! Wish u do better than me!

I’m still not ready to focus and concentration in listening all lecture explanation! Oh My Gosh! How could it be! You musn’t do that emiria, the first meeting is important one because there so many information given that will help you a lot.”

I’m still not ready stay longer in my dormitory. Although everything has change and everything become better and better, the condition, the interaction with the other member, I feel like I always miss my house, my room and the condition which sometime much different, I really miss them and feel like I really wanna go home. Yeah, some kind like home sick, may be and even I’m kind a person who difficult to move, even just one little step, from my comfort zone.

I won’t let it happen to me,

Hey, Wake up, Emiria, wake up!

You have to made up your mind!

Since I have strong faith and desire to change, I can make it true

You Go Girl :D

At the end, I just want to say

Full of hope

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adi on 11 Maret 2012 00.26 mengatakan...

yo, semangat senyum sapa, emi

Daphnée Kwong Waye on 11 Maret 2012 00.33 mengatakan...

It's sometimes hard to move on and face all those challenges, but in the end I believe you'll definitely make it! :)

Julia Sh. on 11 Maret 2012 01.54 mengatakan...

Wow.. I feeel Like absolutly the same. In this post you just explained and described my feelings...
so good luck for us, we can try to face everything in our way ;)

Marzena on 11 Maret 2012 04.12 mengatakan...

Hi ! Thank You so much for commented my blog ! I really like yours :) Kiss x

Emiria Farahdina on 11 Maret 2012 06.27 mengatakan...

Thank you so much baby . kisses :*

Emiria Farahdina on 11 Maret 2012 08.18 mengatakan...

Wow, i cant believe it that we have several things in common and it really wonderful when we can share it together, girl. Seems everything will gonna be easier for us

Absolutely. I wish we can overcome the obstacle, Yo go girl :D

Emiria Farahdina on 11 Maret 2012 08.21 mengatakan...

Thanks for your support, its mean a lot and it make me feel more optimist that i can make it,
Thank you so much
Wish u can through them well :D

Emiria Farahdina on 11 Maret 2012 08.22 mengatakan...

thanks for visiting mine and giving lovely comment, sweety :D

ss fashion world on 14 Maret 2012 13.48 mengatakan...

Don't worry about it ! It will end even before it starts :)
Im just having great giveaway, that you have to check it out ! ⓈⓈ ⒻⒶⓈⒽⒾⓄⓃ ⓌⓄⓇⓁⒹ

Thesmallnoble on 15 Maret 2012 12.14 mengatakan...

Thanks for your comment! I think you will face all the challenges great! I really like your blog and following you now (:

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