Sabtu, 28 November 2015

I need to Write

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I’m so grateful of today l that finally I can post something here, just figure it out what’s inside my head, so many things I have kept it inside and it blew my mind. Hmm, I don’t know how to start, i don’t what to write, but one thing that I know I just need to write something.

Okay, it’s not easy for me,  so I need to take a breath, take a time for while, and think what I should write here.  It just to many things that I want to write, I really miss this blog so much.  And finally, time after time it’s getting clear that I really want to share about my feeling.

All right, I want to start my story right now. Okay, It has been two years ago since I graduated from college, I didn’t know what to do. Yup, may be I already explained to you in previous post about it, it’s difficult for me to focus on something. Actually I want to be an art therapist, so I need to continue my study, at least, achieve master degree program. This dream was in my mind since 2012. Since I graduated, there were many things have happened to me, so they had made  me forget of my dream for a while. The fact is, I realize that I can’t forget it, since it always there. Since that time, I realize that I have to change my life. I need to do something to achieve it.

Now, my life is better, every day I feel like getting closer to my dream. In this case, I always try take actions that I can do. Yup, finally the progress always comes up in each day. I already find some information about the scholarship, and must be update every week, I try to learn IELTS regularly, I hope I can have a test in January, and get best result that I want.  So, from now on, I decide to always share the progress in this blog, so it will be a witness of my life story  later on.

My target is get full scholarship of master degree program of Art therapy in Australia. Why Australia?  I already searched about what university and in what country which will be an art therapy program. The result shows there many in US, England, Aussie, Spain, and New Zealand. To be honest, I wanted to continue my study in Europe, because besides we study, we also have opportunity to travel around Europe, so it will be nice experience. The fact is there are only in UK and Spain who has it. Hmm, I just think that UK it separate with the other country, so its not easy to do tour Europe, and also the English requirement must be high level. So I decided to continue it in Australia. Because one thing that will be my consideration is close to Indonesia, my sister also lived there for 2 years, and I have some friends there which live in Tasmania, Melbourne, Woogoolga. So may be it will help me to live there, I mean to adapt there may be it will be easier. One thing that I need to struggle is English requirement which high as we know this country use English as mother tongue. Your IELTS must 7,5 or TOEFL 600. If IELTS can achieve 40% it’s you already achieve the target to get Letter of Acceptance (LOA).There are many university which has Art Therapy program there, so university that I want  is La Trobe University in Melbourne and Western University of Sydney. After I get the LOA, I can apply scholarship to Australian Scholarship Award, or LPDP.

Sometimes, I still think about apply Scholarship  to University in US.  Different with university in Aussie which the specific requirement are not too much, in US the specific requirement are so many, Such as New York University (the best university for art therapy program) and Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.  So, it must be proud if you can accepted there. The one who accepted it must be the one who talented. So, it makes me confuses. My family gave advise its better you apply to Aussie because the culture shock may be will be solve easier then in New York. But I really think about that, so it makes me confuse, but I hope God give me the way, so I can focus and achieve my goal.  I need to take action more to achieve it.

Dear, God, show me the way to achieve my goal easier.

Jumat, 27 November 2015

Selfie Time

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Mixed Pics

It had been a long time that I never express myself. Spent quality  “me time” to appreciate yourself, both mentally and physically. Routine activities sometimes make you stuck, so you need a special time just to get out from your routine circle, and voila, think out of the box!!

That’s why, for that reason, I decided to do make up tutorial. It was really fun activity to express yourself, just to make yourself look pretty with make-up, boost your confidence, and express your creativity in how to apply make-up.

In this make-up tutorial I want to show you how to apply “Korean Make-up Style”. I won’t do this to make my self look a like Korean artist. Hoho, of course not! I know it won’t be happen to me anymore as my skin is not as light as them (it’s because I have exotic one, LOL XD), and my eyes are big. In the other words, I just love Korean artist make up, it look so young and fresh! Okay, For more specific about the process, I won’t tell you in this post, I’m so sorry, but I’m promise I will tell you about it in my next post! So, just wait and see ya!

Okay, it’s time for SELFIE TIME Ladies :D

The result

My expressions

Vintage Style

Classic black and white

Mixed Up Feeling

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Akhirnya setelah sekian lama, Hmm gak lama juga sih, sekitar 3 mingguan, Visaku keluar juga, Alhamdulillah. Seneng banget rasanya, tapi deg deg gan gak tahu kenapa, tinggal 3 minggu lagi menjelang hari tersebut, gak terungkapkan bagaimnana rasanya nanti. Gak kerasa banget ya, 3 minggu bisa dibilang cepat bisa juga dibilang lama. Hmm, rasanya pikiranku sekarang sudah melayang ada di sana. Yap perjalanan yang nekad banget (hmm,, buat aku yang gak pernah ngelakuin hal-hal nekad ya! Hoho

It will be a long trip, almost a month there! I haven’t prepare anything for that, I’m so nervous, so I don’t know what should I do exactly. Okay, what should I do is, I have to do my best, and pray the best. Make the packing list, arrange the itinerary for a month trip. I hope this trip will bring benefit for my life, especially for my future career, continue my master degree program for art therapy, add new circle of friends, and may be meet my future husband, AAAAAAAaaa XDXDXD, for the last wish it will be a bonus. I just hope that I have luck enough to make it, Aamiin.   I’m so nervous I’m so nervous, what should I do what should I do. 

Dear God, I hope everything, every step that I take will be all right. 

Selasa, 03 November 2015

me and make up :)

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just wanna share these pictures





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