Jumat, 27 November 2015

Selfie Time

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Mixed Pics

It had been a long time that I never express myself. Spent quality  “me time” to appreciate yourself, both mentally and physically. Routine activities sometimes make you stuck, so you need a special time just to get out from your routine circle, and voila, think out of the box!!

That’s why, for that reason, I decided to do make up tutorial. It was really fun activity to express yourself, just to make yourself look pretty with make-up, boost your confidence, and express your creativity in how to apply make-up.

In this make-up tutorial I want to show you how to apply “Korean Make-up Style”. I won’t do this to make my self look a like Korean artist. Hoho, of course not! I know it won’t be happen to me anymore as my skin is not as light as them (it’s because I have exotic one, LOL XD), and my eyes are big. In the other words, I just love Korean artist make up, it look so young and fresh! Okay, For more specific about the process, I won’t tell you in this post, I’m so sorry, but I’m promise I will tell you about it in my next post! So, just wait and see ya!

Okay, it’s time for SELFIE TIME Ladies :D

The result

My expressions

Vintage Style

Classic black and white

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Shannon Boyce on 27 November 2015 15.06 mengatakan...

I totally totally agree with you. Sometimes you just need time to nurture YOU. Love these pictures! They are stunning :)

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