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Hirotada Ototake; No Limbs, No Limit!!!

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Hirotada Ototake

There are many people in the human history of the world who can success through failure, For example, Hirotada Ototake, the one who knows the secret of finding the opportunity within crisis, the man who always try to smile even his life filled with difficulties and hardship. He is already give inspiration and motivation to many people all over the globe. I’m also so inspired by him.

Hirotada Ototake, the author of No One’s Perfect, which was an amazing best seller book about his unflagging strength and determination to lead a fulfilling life. Hirotada not only a good writer but also a great journalist and teacher in Japan.

No one's perfect

Hirotada born in April 6, 1976, born without arms and legs due to a rare congenital disorder called tetra Amelia- a syndrome characterized by the absence of all four limbs. There’s no medical explanation why this rare syndrome could be happened to him. Children who suffer this syndrome have such serious medical problems, most people are still born or die shortly after birth. So, we can say that Hirotada is one of the survivor of dangerous syndrome.

His disability did not prevent him to do unthinkable think to his body situation, such as; playing basketball and baseball after years of practice adapting the bats and balls to his body. How amazing it is! How the persons with the limitation could do such an incredible thing? With tireless effort, he challenged his self to do the things that he want to and he could make it real.

He looks confident

The Wheel chair

What an inspirational, isn’t it? Hirotada Ototake, the one who never understand the meaning of limitation. With his effortless struggle, he always dare to try again and again till he can make it real. He believe in everything that comes to his life has a purpose.

“ God always know everything and I have to find the reasons

no matter difficult it is till I understand it.

Hmmmm,,,, I hope after you read this article, you will be inspired how to thank your God of your condition, being a complete or an uncompleted one. At the end, you will always feel happy and find meaning in having been born into this world no matter what a hardship and pain you faced.

Its me

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