Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Special Day

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Hello, world! Lets sing together v^o^v

its today, their special day
its today, their special day
They've been waiting for today, and its suddenly here

Whose birthday today?
Hmmm,, okay, its not today actually, but who cares?Hmmm, Its better late than never, right? ^^'

Who are they?
Unfortunately, i didn't take any picture in that moment, huhuhu. So sorry......

Wisti's birthday surprise.....

Hmm,,, I like her expression :D

Do you want to know the process??

Kidnapped by Rani and Santy

Under the tree

to be watered and powdered.

they who made it

special for you

Lela and Bonnie, Lovely :)

Rani and Ridha. 2R

Me, Dilla, and Rani

Me, Wisti, and Rani

Khoir, wisti, kiki, aisy, indah, and fristy


Galau style

friends forever :)

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Izzah Beverly on 13 Maret 2011 06.44 mengatakan...

aww~~, pity the birthday girl lol

Pramudita Puspita on 15 Maret 2011 18.05 mengatakan...

hi,, i am following you now, i am waiting for your follow back =)
btw thx for comment me in my blog =)

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