Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Pandora Squad's 2nd Anniversary

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Hello everyone!!

Looooooooooong time no posting here since The First Day! Oh my, there are many things I really want to share with u. I miss u so much, miss u like crazy, all. I’m so glad that I can post something here again. Cheer y! :)

Today, I want to share my DIY project. Since it has been long time ago from the first one, Special Gift for Ono Eriko, I miss my DIY project. If you so curious about it, you can check from my DIY project label in this blog. I miss making many extraordinary things from everything surround me. Yap, everything, even from unusual thing, which may be impossible to make. As the statement said:“Thinking out of the box”, we have to thinking creatively from many perspective, and we have to dare to be different. Actually, I love making fun, unique, or even challenging thing, which gives me a lot of pleasure when I done it. Absolutely, when you do something with enjoyment, you will feel happy and excited with the final result than when you do it with pressure. Am I right?

To celebrating PS’s 2nd day, actually is not today, I make something, I don’t know what it is, but I hope you like it.




First, Pandora Squad (PS) is visual art community in my campus. For everyone who loves graphic design, photography, painting, etc, can join this community. I’ve been the member of this group since 4th semester, so it’s almost a year actually. Oh, I can’t believe it,,,, I feel like still yesterday when the first day I joined this group. (Let’s sing a song) La la la la….Time flies so fast ...

we want to say..........


ITS SECOND Anniversary, COOL!!

Full of hope and expectation,

In this second year, I hope this community would be more success, more creative and innovative. GO GO PS!

The funniest thing is when I took the pictures of my DIY project , My brother came to my room and shocked by what I was doing. He shakes his head and say “ Oh My,,,, What the hell are you doing, sista? I can’t believe it you still do that since an hour ago? You are not crazy, are you ? Don’t say that you are doing Pemujaan!!" Oh, I cant believe it, too cruel to be truth!! The reason he said it because of candles lighted up my room.

THE OTHER SAY haPpy BirThDay too…


Miko and Yoshida


Miko and Mari

Miko's Family

I’m so happy to be a member of this community! It’s great when you are in community which the member something in common with you, same hobby and same though, so you can share and support each other. The most important is you can inspire and be inspired by them.

Senin, 20 Februari 2012

1st Day

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Today is my first day to be a COUNSELOR TEACHER in one of High School, let’s call it OY school, in my hometown, Bogor. There weren’t many thing happen as I expect before since I did not do many activities there. I just introduced myself to the other teacher, explained why I wanted to get a job there, met the COUNSELOR TEACHER who works there, observed the meeting of problematic student who has problem in attendance and his parent, and made some conversation about The Role of Counseling in OY school with some teacher. May be I will tell you about the condition of Counseling in OY school and the problematic student in later posting See y!

I feel like a man in the wrong place. Huhuhu,,, The reason why I feel like that way is because the schedule in OY school is full because they have to prepare for National Exam in April. Many teacher looked busy because they have to be assessor for practical exam, so I weren’t really made interaction with them. Although they look busy with their work, they were really friendly to me, hohoho. And most of them is still young, so they were not really rigid or killer may be. Hoho

My plan tomorrow is all about questionnaires, okay, wish me luck tomorrow :D

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

To be a Good Counselor Teacher

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Okay, here I am! As my promise before in my older posting, I will tell you more about my experience. :D

Tomorrow I will be a Counselor Teacher for a week. YES, It’s my first experience! I never do something like that before even the bad news is I never get a job. Hohoho. Too cruel to be truth, right? I mean, I have already 20 years old now, but I don’t have any experience enough in my life time. (T_T, teary,,,,,)

“But, its okay, you’re still young, EMIRIA, so it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience yet, you still have a lot a change in the future, Trust me, you have to trust me _the voice which always come in my mind in every time I think about that (some kind like defense mechanism)_

Although, I work only for a week. I wish this quick experience will give me a worth lesson for my next career as Professional Psychologist. Amiiiiiiiiinnnn I really extremely understand that to be good Counselor Teacher is not easy things to do. Since you have to understand student’s motivation, emotion, and other knowledge about teenager’s problem, you must have a good interviewing skill. It will really help you in order to make rapport with them, so they can trust you and want to share about the real problem they experienced. As a good Counselor Teacher, you have to be a good listener so you will never ever easy to judge them, you must curious about people, you have to understand the body language, so you can identify when they tell about the truth or the just lie. Not only you must have a good interviewing skill actually but also you have to show that you really care about them from the deepest soul.

I know it’s not easy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, right? Yes, I’m totally believe that I can do it!!! Wish God always be Therefore me. :D May be sometimes I do a mistake, but its really normal since life is process of learning , I can learn something from my mistake.


Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

I'm in Suspense

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I’m in suspense


Waiting waiting waiting for something happen……

Something such as miracle coming in to my life………

Wish it will be come true…..


Unpredictable Weather

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Unfortunately, I have to cancel many plans, because of the unpredictable weather... yes it's always raining outside in the morning. So unlucky! How poor I am! T_T. (teary..) One of my plan that must be cancel is to go with Kurnia, my friend who I told you before in older posting, for berwacau- ria”. So disappointed,,, I have waited today for so long. Hmmm, but, its okay, may be God have another better plan for me. I TRUST YOU, GOD :D

Hmm,,May be you will curious what’s the meaning of the statement berwacau- ria, but unfortunately I don’t know how tell you in English. Huhuhu. May be I will tell you later in my next posting, see Y!

Although there are many things to prepare before umm tomorrow, but I just doing nothing, so lazy T_T…Um,,, tomorrow? Whats happening tomorrow? Is there anything unusual or even extraordinary thing happen to me?

Hmmmm,,,,The answer is YES!!!! Yeah, I will be A COUNSELOR TEACHER tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I’m really really nervous. Its my first experience to be A COUNSELOR TEACHER. Oh My,,, I can’t imagine what will happen to me next…….. Wish me luck! God, Please help me.

I wish everything will run well.

Okay, I’ll tell you about this in my next posting…. Wow, I have made so many promise today! But, don’t worry, I will try to make it! :D

See y!!

it's Neo

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Today, I just want to share some photos of Neo, hope you like it

It’s Me

Hello everyone, It’s me, Neo


Look, there are ghost behind me! Can you see them???

Can you see the shadow of ghosts behind Neo? Actually, they are not ghosts any more. Well, they are my father and my brother who passed behind neo at that time. I took the picture incidentally and I like the effect very much, so lovely xoxo. Hmm,,, Does it like ghost, doesn’t it? Don’t you agree with me ???

Playing with stones

Hey, I love playing with stones, they so attractive to play with. Don’t you want to join with me!! It’s really fun! :D

Neo loves to play with stone. Hmm,, I don’t know exactly the reason why he really love them. I just wonder to imagine what on his mind in every time he plays with them. I love the expression of him when I took the picture. He looks very fun and enjoy them, XOXO

Justin Bieber‘s Style

Baby Baby Baby oh…( sing Justin Bieber’s song ) Hey, Do I really look like Justin Bieber? ;)

Neo ‘s hair cut, doesn’t look like Justin Bieber? He is so cute!! My brother made this, what do you think?? ,,

Playing Drum

Bing bang bang……Look, look, I’m playing drum!!!!!! Am I cool, right!! :D

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

The Expression of Hapiness

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Hello everyone!

“I've been crying for so long, Fighting tears just to carry on

But now, it's gone away,


There are many things happen in my life,I can tell everybody that I can smile again :)


Big smile on my face,



the expression of happiness

5th semester was the most difficult and challenging semester in my life. There were many unexpected thing happened.

Sometimes, I felt I wanna give up, but then I realized, God always help me find a way and end all the bitterness in my life.

Sometimes, I felt I don’t have any strength to make it through, But then I realized, God always grants me the faith to carry on even I thought it looks like I haven’t got a clue.

NOW, I’m glad that I get through it very well, and

I can smile again. :)

Miss My Sizta

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I extremely miss my sista, evita. :(

Miss U like crazy my sista.

She lives in Gottingen, Germany, for her master degree. I know it is hard when you live in another country. Actually, you have to know and understand the culture of the country which different from yours.

“Every culture is unique.”

You have to understand the uniqueness of the culture such as; the different ways of people’s thinking, different ways of how people express their personality which is very essential for you when communicate and interact with them. Not only that but also you have to understand THE LEARNING CULTURE of the university where you study, which is very important in attempt to survive. Shocked culture may be happen, and it’s normal.

Yeah, I know its hard for her, but I’m sure she can make it :)

Me n my sista, are we look like a twin?

sista now, playing with snow :)

make me envy :(

"Wish u always be okay

I believe you can pursue your dream sista

I wish, I can be the one who always support you, sista"

Love u :*

Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

Father and Son

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There is statement says………

“Like Father like Son”


Today, I will share some picture related to this statement. I just found them in my computer, some pictures of Neo and his father. I like this picture very much. Hope you’ll like it too…..

Go Go Go Milk!!

I know it’s not good title but unfortunately I don’t have any idea....

We meet again :)

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Hello everyone!!

I’m sorry I didn’t write any posting yesterday because adi, my boy friend, came to my house!! Finally, after no see him for long time, we met each other yesterday.

I’m so happy!!!

Yesterday was great day for two of us. Lovely!

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

I Love Today :)

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Wish tomorrow will be better and better

alhamdulillah :D

Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Its Doodling time

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Hello everyone!

Today is doodling time! So, can you guess what I am going to make today?

Do you curious about it, don’t you??

Well, Today I’m going to make a painting with oil pastel! Yap, I love making painting with oil pastel, I love the effect when the color mix together, doesn’t it look beautiful?

Okay, here we go,,,

Oil pastel is one of My favorite painting media

the reason why i really love it because when the color mix together it will give an amazing effect to your painting

First of all, I don’t have any idea what I’m going to make today, but I do really want to painting to express all emotion that I've kept inside. It s really wonderful when you can make it happen, trust me! Just pour out all your feeling into your painting and see the result J


A bridge

Here’s the result, do you like it? what do you think?

What a messy hand! Hohoho, But I do really love it….

Neo's Hobby

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Neo likes to watch TV. His Favorite channels are Baby TV and Cbeebies. Honestly, I seldom watched TV on this holiday. Since he does not seem want to be disturbed in every time he watches his favorite TV programs, I can’t do anything, just doing nothing.

“How poor I am!”


Therefore, I can say that almost all the time he watches the TV. Can you imagine it???

So, here the illustration, hope you'll enjoy it!! :D

Its Neo

Neo watching tv

How serious he is!

when neo watching TV.................

Then I come, and want to watch TV Too.................

Hmmm,, Yeah, I think of some great Idea.................

I change the TV Channel hohoho.................

He angry, but I just ignore ho..lalalalala..I enjoy My Life lalala..............

Then, he take the remote and give to me, expect me to change the channel (what a smart baby!!! Arrggh)............

I'm just trying to ignore him, but,,,,,

So, thats the ilustration, hohoho (I’m sorry if there are grammatical error,)

Im not only want to tell you about the illustration but also about his favorite TV program.

One of his favorite program is……


Mr. Maker on Cbeebies

Mr. Maker it’s not only Neo’s favorite program but also my favorite program too. Hohoho . It’s amazing program, teach us how to think creatively and how to get many inspiration from everything around us. Yup, everything!!!! You can create an incredible art from everything around you even unusual things such as; cereal box, drinking soda bottle, raveled string, or even pasta. Can you believe it? It’s really Cool!

Gets inspiration from everything around you!!!!

Mr. Maker give me a lot of inspiration and Idea to make an Extraordinary and Creative art from an Unusual things…

Thank you Mr. Maker!!!

MY Favorite quote from Mr. Maker at the end of the show is

“My making time is over, But YOURS it just beginning!!!!”


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