Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

it's Neo

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Today, I just want to share some photos of Neo, hope you like it

It’s Me

Hello everyone, It’s me, Neo


Look, there are ghost behind me! Can you see them???

Can you see the shadow of ghosts behind Neo? Actually, they are not ghosts any more. Well, they are my father and my brother who passed behind neo at that time. I took the picture incidentally and I like the effect very much, so lovely xoxo. Hmm,,, Does it like ghost, doesn’t it? Don’t you agree with me ???

Playing with stones

Hey, I love playing with stones, they so attractive to play with. Don’t you want to join with me!! It’s really fun! :D

Neo loves to play with stone. Hmm,, I don’t know exactly the reason why he really love them. I just wonder to imagine what on his mind in every time he plays with them. I love the expression of him when I took the picture. He looks very fun and enjoy them, XOXO

Justin Bieber‘s Style

Baby Baby Baby oh…( sing Justin Bieber’s song ) Hey, Do I really look like Justin Bieber? ;)

Neo ‘s hair cut, doesn’t look like Justin Bieber? He is so cute!! My brother made this, what do you think?? ,,

Playing Drum

Bing bang bang……Look, look, I’m playing drum!!!!!! Am I cool, right!! :D

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rach_t on 21 Februari 2012 07.35 mengatakan...

oh my goodness, my son is also called Neo! how amazing! he is 18months old. Your Neo is so gorgeous, he looks a complete sweetheart!

Emiria Farahdina on 8 Maret 2012 19.57 mengatakan...

Neo is my nephew actually, my neo is 20 month old, your neo must be cute :)
thanks for your comment and visiting my blog

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