Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Miss My Sizta

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I extremely miss my sista, evita. :(

Miss U like crazy my sista.

She lives in Gottingen, Germany, for her master degree. I know it is hard when you live in another country. Actually, you have to know and understand the culture of the country which different from yours.

“Every culture is unique.”

You have to understand the uniqueness of the culture such as; the different ways of people’s thinking, different ways of how people express their personality which is very essential for you when communicate and interact with them. Not only that but also you have to understand THE LEARNING CULTURE of the university where you study, which is very important in attempt to survive. Shocked culture may be happen, and it’s normal.

Yeah, I know its hard for her, but I’m sure she can make it :)

Me n my sista, are we look like a twin?

sista now, playing with snow :)

make me envy :(

"Wish u always be okay

I believe you can pursue your dream sista

I wish, I can be the one who always support you, sista"

Love u :*

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nik on 17 Februari 2012 16.25 mengatakan...

Hi girl! Very nice photos, with your sister, and so cute with "father and son" ;)... I start following you! See U soon darling! And ftanks for the great comment!

Emiria Farahdina on 17 Februari 2012 17.58 mengatakan...

thanks for visiting my blog and give your comment, so lovely! :D

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