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Scribbling; Thing You Need to Play to be Fully Creative

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Do you think you don't have any creativity enough? Hey, there's nothing you need to worry, guys! The truth is, you still have an unlimiiiiteeeed opportuniiiiity to increase your creativity. Trust me!! One way solution which you can use to increase it is by doing scribbling. So, what's scribbling is all about? Hmm,,, I'm sure you will be really curious about it !

First of all, scribbling is to write or draw in a hurried careless way, without heed to legibility or style. You just need to express all the idea and emotion you keep inside. Just let them flow as gentle waterfall. You don't have to worry what's people said. If they said that your hand writing or painting is too bad, ridiculous, or even pathetic, just ignore them. Since you try to express them, you will find later that they will tell you the truth.

Yes, your emotion never lie! Just listen to them.

Moreover, you will learn how to manage your feeling, its good to keep you always in good term. You will be trained to open your mind, body, and soul to positive feeling.

Everyone can do scribbling, is not depend on gender and age. Moreover, In doing scribbling, you don't need to have any specific tool or equipment, and even any talent. The most important thing you must have is just strong faith and desire to change. So, just do it guys, it works!!!

My Scribble

I also like to do scribbling in every time i feel bored and need some energy booster to refresh my mind :)

so, what are you waiting for? Just Try it!!

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