Selasa, 17 April 2012

Use your time wisely

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Hello again  all :D         
Long time no see since a month ago, I miss u so much,,, miss to write here, miss to read all amazing posting from you,,,
There are many things happen in my life but I still feel NOTHING happen to me,,, yeah,,, still Me,,, Do you think is bad???  Well,, I don’t think so, Sometimes  we can se another good way of NOTHING. haha  
You know, sometimes we have so many things to do in our day, but it seems hard for us to make it,,,, hmmm,,,, I think I have to rearrange my life now, manage my time, rearrange my goal,,,, yeah,,,  I don’t know sometime,, I have to change,  to make it better as I think it over and over again,  “ My life is not only for Me as we live together with many people., AS WE LIVE AS SOCIAL CREATURE. We need THEM. We need THEM to make our dream come true, we need them to make their dream come true, we need THEM in our life.  so, why don’t we try to make  our  goal not only for us, but also for people who will live together with us in the future, it can be our parents, sibling, our friends, partner, or may our husband, children or even grand children???  Haha,,,, we wiil never know since tomorrow is still mystery
Thanks to miss E for your inspiration, wish I can do my best in your subject, projective class.
All  I want to do is
I enjoy every second of my life
I’m going to be HAPPY no matter what comes to my way

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