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I`m struggling for IELTS

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I`m struggling for IELTS

I will have IELTS exam in 3 weeks later. I hope I can pass the exam. I need IELTS score to apply scholarship and Universities. Based on my research, universities in Aussie has  minimal standard score band 6.5, but some of them include one of my target needs to have band 7.5! can you imagine it!! What a high score it is!!!

The truth is, last month I did TOEFL ITP test, and the result was so disappointed, my score was still under 500, 498. I just cant believe it. It was the third time I did the test, in the end of 2013 (my score was 494, without any preparation), in the mid 2014 (my score decreased to 480 even I had already learn for couples of week) I felt double disappointed because I thought I had confidence enough to improve my score since I had already took LIA conversation class, but it was still not enough to achieve it, and the last in February ( my score was 498 even though I already learn, I took conversation class, IELT preparation  class for 4 month, and the last I have worked in International school for more than a year, I have tried to do my best to understand the expat teachers which most of them are Australian, fully struggle to really understand what they said, I need 2 terms to understand it, I also communicate with English most of the time!!! Super Double Dissapointed!! What’s wrong with me? Is it my English skill  too bad??? Whoaaa, I just wanna cry!!!

However, day by day has passed and I don’t want to let myself in tears anymore, I don’t want to let the gold opportunity to go away. This year is perfect time for me to achieve something that I really wanted for  long time ago. May be last year, I don’t have enough brave  to take any action because of some reasons that I can’t explain it, it will be take pages if I do that, so this year I’m trying my best to achieve my dream.

I realize that I did too many risk to decide to take IELTS, my brother  complained that I made it in a rush, and I should to take time because you know IELTS test is expensive, the price is higher  almost 6 times than TOEFL ITP and I only have 6 weeks preparation, which the last TOEFL test still under  500, so it probably impossible for me to achieve target band 7.5. Some friends say that, friends of them need to try IELTS more than one time.
I realize that I did crazy things, but I think I will be in extremely remorse if I don’t take this chance. Since I already delay it for 2 years, i hope I can do my best this year, may be it’s the part of the plan that I just have Guidance, AHA experience, or whatever it is this year.

God, please help me, please help m e to prove that I can pass my IELTS Test. I’m trying to do my best. 

Good Luck Emi, keep fighting for it, I know you can do it, study hard, and pray the best J

Go for IELTS, Go for Master Art therapy Program!

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Kamar Mandi's story on 14 Maret 2016 01.36 mengatakan...

so do I. Fight together Emir!!!

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