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Meet Up :3

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Late Post

Hello again! 

I’m sorry for being late to post here. I was so happy that finally I met these ladies after long time no see :). So many things have happened to us, distance and time have made us apart :(. 

There were a bad and a good news. The bad news is.unfortunately, one of my friends, Santy suddenly decided couldn’t come in last minute because of family business.  It was sad because it has been a long time I’ve never seen her. However, the good news is, Fristy, suddenly  joined our gathering J What kind a surprise and happy news. It was like a dream that a day before the gathering, I was thinking about her and really miss her so much, and finally God really answered my pray that we can meet each other. How grateful it was :)

However, nothing has changed, even from the outside we looked different, but we’re still the same like we are before, we’re still good friends, best friends.
  • Ayu, she’s the real psychologist (wanna be), she’s care, sensitive to the other’s need, good listener and advise giver :)
  • Nai, aaa, we’ve been a lot  of things together, she’s always be the first one who know everything about me :D
  • Tya, I always remember you’re always  with me when the first internalization day in our beloved campus, good listener, care, it always nice to share with you. 
  • Wisti, she’s smart one, she knows a lot of things, good initiator, and I always happy if we sing together in karaoke, forget about our frog voice, since we enjoy the songs! And don’t you know? We’re so lucky that  we got highest score of all, 99! Almost perfect XDXDXD   Let’s Marvin Gaye and Get it on !!!!
  • Lela, she’s funny and always looked happy no matter what happen to us, and the most important thing is  there something in common between us, we love to eat, we eat  a lot and fast. Let’s eat together XOXOXO 
  • Fristy,,, AAAAaa we’ve been through so many things together, we did assignment together, same group in internship program, proposal seminars, development of children and adolescence specialization.   I love you lah, ti!!!
Okay, I wont talk anymore, no more stories, but pictures. XDXDXD!! We took a lot of picture there (Exchange and Lottemart, Bintaro). Here we are :

See you next time, ladies !

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friends is to understand and to be understood :)
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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