Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

Something in mind

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Firstly, Im sorry, but may I have to stop the inktober
Im not sure about it, since it's not the final decision yet. So many things have happened to my life, recently, it have made me more difficult  to make it. Actually its only 8 days, I still have an opportunity though. Okay, at the end I just can say let's see if there's any possibility, I'll make it. 

Secondly, i decide to deactivate all social media account, FB, IG, Path. It will be 10 days trial, from 27 October until 17 November. The first day has been done. The reason why i deactivate them because i want to spend my time in good activity that will give us benefit, such as reading book, IELTS practice, or any kind of good information, care to all people surround you, especially your parents, family, and friends, and be  more grateful of your life as realize it or not sometimes social media give us tendency to compare your life with the others. i want my life in peace, mind, body, and soul.

Thirdly, my priority right now is to prepare IELTS. Today, was productive day enough for me, I finished  my report, I finished 3 week lesson of IELTS in a day. I know its not effective, but its better than nothing, I hope I gonna to finish the rest of them, 2 more weeks  lesson tomorrow, and practise and repeat again, take another online course more seriously, till finally i'm ready for the real IELTS test, both mentally, and financially in early, Desember =). In the other word, I only have a month to focus practice of IELTS Test.

and Finally, there are a lot of things to do, I have to prepare my visa for December, I hope I get Working Holiday Visa. I need to plan my trip perfectly. i want everything well prepared and run well.  I need to rearrange my life, and they all need a month to achieve it. Bismillah…

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