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Totto-Chan’s Children: A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World.

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Totto-Chan’s Children:  A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World.
PS: finished this book while i was waiting for my friend at Juramangu Station :)

Okay before I tell you the story of the book, I want to state my gratitude first, Alhamdulillah, I feel my mood in reading has improved significantly than before. Different than before, I can read at least a book in a week. It’s faster than usual. Actually I could read a book in months or even in years, gave up easily to stop reading book if it’s too boring and difficult. Thanks God for the improvement. Now, I can use my time wisely, spending time in positive activities. Yup, in other words, I can be more productive now!

Totto-Chan’s Children, A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World. Actually, I read this book 2 years ago when I did my research in Rumah Sakit Marzuki Mahdi. While I waited for the patients or subjects of my research, I was reading the book. I just couldn’t stop page by page as the story of the book made me so curious about it. This book succeed to make me cried in a sec. it was an amazing real story. However, I was so busy to finish my final assignment, I had to meet my lectures, read so many kinds of literatures or references which related to my research, and etc. That all thing had made me forgot about the book, and I had to skip that book for 2 years later till I find the perfect mood to read it again. Whoa, How a procrastinator I am!! Even though I hadn’t read the book for 2 years, I still remember the last page of book which I already rad even there was no book mark inside the book!

The story is tell about the humanity journey of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, as UNICEF agent,  who travelled around the world, especially went to many developed and conflict countries in purpose to know children’s life. She visited the hospitals, schools, orphanages, ministries, and many other place to find the information, to see the condition of unprivileged children in many ways, such as; victim’s war, children which summmmffered from severe disease or even dying, they who lived full of nightmare, fear, and anxiety because of life’s difficulties, they who see the member of their family killed in front of them, orphan children, they who lived separated with their family, they who haven’t eat and drink for days, and etc.  This book clearly describes about the condition of various children who live not lucky as we are. It was made me realize that we need to grateful of our condition even we thought to ourselves that we are  the most unlucky person. The truth is, there are  hundreds, thousands, even millions of people live not as lucky as we are.

At the end, I just wanna say thanks to Tetsuko Kuronayagi for such her courageous experiences and shared it with us :D

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