Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

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Today, I just want to share some pictures which I took this afternoon. Hmm,,, honestly, I don’t have Idea about them, but I really enjoyed when I was taking them. Hope you like it too, guys!

my room.

There are vision board, a magic board where you can put anything about your dream, chair, table, and guitar. Actually, I don't know why that guitar was there. Honestly,believe it or not, i can't play guitar anymore, but i decided to put it there because it looks cool, hoho. Do you agree with me, don't you? Ok, Lets talk about guitar, some people said that boys must be able to play a guitar. Really? Do you agree with that statement? Must every boy in the world able to play it? Hmm,, i dont think so, but i can't deny that they look cool with their guitar.

The butterfly. I really really love it. but i seldom to wear it.

The Flower blossom. I love the color, soft and gorgeous. I made it by my self.

Yes, I made it by my self too

le livre de francaise. hmm,,, i'm not sure if i write it right, but I really really want to learn franchaise again. Miss u, Mrs. Sri, My favorite teacher and also my franchaise teacher when i was in high school .

My favorite book ever.

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