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Junior Masterchef Australia

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This Delicious Dishes

riccota- gnoccini with eggplant sauce

Falsomagro with crumbed eggplant and tomato sauce

is cooked by 12 years old girls!!!!

Can you BELIEVE IT??


how can they do that unbelievable and unthinkable things in young ages??
BUT, believe it or not you can see more amazing and more awesome phenomenons
only in

Junior Masterchef Australia

"From 5,500 young cooks who auditioned from around the country, 50 amazing young chefs made it through for a chance to become one of the Top 12 in Junior MasterChef Australia"

Junior Masterchef Australia
is one of my favorite television program. What a gorgeous television program ever after!! Actually, Its all about Australian competitive cooking show. it is spin- off of Masterchef Australian which an adaptation of British show Masterchef. The contestants are children between 8 to 13 years old. Fantastic!!!They must be a gifted and talented child!!
They parents must be proud of them!! hehe

They not only talented but also great children. I can't imagine how they able face the tight and difficult competition in young ages!! Absolutely, its not easy to do, they must be have not only a strong faith and strong mental but also an endless exercise to achieve their dream, to be a professional chef!! Actually, without it , i'm not sure they can make it!! Oh its too wonderful to be truth!!!

The Judges

Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Anna Gare

TOP 50

50 amazing junior chef are selected

TOP 12

Pierre, Jack, Sam, Isabella, Sofia, Alex, Emily, Cassidy, Nick, Siena, Anthony, Lucy :)

The Winner

Isabella and Jack

My Favorite

It's Siena :)

Although Siena is the youngest competitor, This little girl is only 9 years old!( How young she is!) , in JuniorMasterChef she certainly is one of the toughest. Absolutely, She is my favorite contestant! She's so amazing girl . She cook dish brilliantly, She loves to make desserts. Her specialty dish is lemon curt Tarts. Although she really good in dessert, she able to cook another dish as she great in making special dessert.

She has the cutest smile, lovely, but it is not the only reason why i admire her.The only one reason why i really love her because she is really optimistic girl i ever met. I remember when she said :

I'm sure i can make it because I really really want this

when she asked if she could be the top 12, And you know what? She said it without any doubt and fear at all, but optimist! She trust it wholeheartedly that she can make it, and she make it! Oh,,,I love her...

Unfortunately, she didn't win the competition, she reached the top 4, but no matter who win the competition, for me, she is still best and amazing girl in the competition :) . Wish you can reach your biggest dream, to open your very own patisserie!!!!!! Go Siena Go Siena Go!! :)

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Indah Nainggolan on 21 Februari 2011 17.02 mengatakan...

i love pierre!but he lose..dissapointed>.<hahahaa
let's follow each other and be friends :)let me know by comment in my post :)cheer ya!


Emiria Farahdina on 27 Februari 2011 01.47 mengatakan...

I love pierre too, he is so genius, I like him when he made pie, haha

Okay, I will following you :)
Follow me back :)

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