Selasa, 15 Februari 2011


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First of all, i just want to tell you that all members of my family, especially my dad, have been complaining that i spend too much time in front of my computer just for blogging and I don't have enough time for them. Thats not good actually, I'm so sorry. To apologize, i decided to dedicate my day to do some home assignments.

There's nothing much to say today, but i'm feeling bored of being jobless. I miss my campus activities and its assignment ( Are you sure ?hmmm,,, let me think over, hehe), and also my pals. I miss u all very much :'(. Yeah, i can say that It feels extremely weird not having any must-jobs to do or at least something to keep myself productive in some days have been filled with sleeping and eating which I find very pathetic. I feel like i'm the man in wrong time, it seems gonna be wrong in everything i do.

May be, it is the right time for me to relax my mind. Hmm,, I wish by tomorrow the terrible thought should be totally gone. insya Allah...

thanks, friends! :)

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