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Special Gift

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Hello guys!

Do you interesting in reading comic? What's your favorite comic?

Yes, actually i really love comics! I love to reading them in every time i feel bored. For me, reading comic is really entertaining. By the way, do you want to know my favorite comic, don't you?

Actually, Miko series is one of my favorite comics ever after. I have read them a countless time. Each time i do, my heart fills with joy and happiness. My brother always thinks that i'm little weird and crazy.The worst thing, He even said that i'm the weirdest girl in the world. Can you imagine it???

Yeah, too cruel to be truth!

Oh, I can't believe it!

The reason why he said that because he sometimes finds me reading one of series, laughing. He usually shakes her head and says,

" Oh, Sis, how many times are you going to reading that comics? I can't believe they still make you laugh like that??!!!"

Hmm,, I don't know why but i think about how every time i read this comics, i always find something new to laugh. Can you believe that? Well, thats true,,

I really love the way Ono Eriko tell story about Miko, a young and cheerful girl, and her life which full of funny and amazing stories. I also love how she create the character in picture. Really Gorgeous!! Thanks to Ono Eriko

some of my comics collection,

the sketch

coloring by watercolor


flower blossom

scary movie

Help me!!!

Please forgive me!!!

Lets play!!


What a happy family ever after!!


miko and friends

Best friends forever!!!!

mari- chan

its all about girl's stuff :)



Kenta and Yukko


What a lucky girl she is !! Honestly I'm so envy to her.

Miko and Yoshida

Poor tappei :'(

Miko and Tappei

Hey, how about me? Dont you forget me??


lets play hide and seek!!

Painting painting painting :)


My favorite character in this comic is


YOSHIKI!!! I love u!!

The first impression about Yoshiki, nothing special about him!!
He just ordinary boy, weird, and arrogant.
However, then i realize that he is not ordinary anymore, but extraordinary one.
He is really creative and genius one, but is not the reason why i admire him.
The reason why i like him when I read about his love story with Miho chan. The best part he said " one day i will be tall like my brother" to Miho. Its really cool!!

Can you imagine if they are a couple???

Miko and Yoshiki!! What do you think?

Don't be jealous, tappei :)

all toy figures

me and all toy figure :)

I just want to say thanks to Ono Eriko for gorgeous and amazing comic. Its inspired me a lot, I really really love it :)

Special gift, just for you

Ono Eriko ^o^

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thanks :)
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keren euy karya2nya... ^0^

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