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Affirmation. Even just a short and simple word, affirmation has strong power as a healing word that help us achieve our goal, lead a happy life J. Whatever your affirmations it is, it will work well if you continuously said that

Affirmation can be done anytime and anywhere, before and after sleep, during you do your activity such as; waiting for your friends, when you on the way home, when you drive your car, you can do it in every situation. You can also said it loudly or just in silent, inner speech. It depends on you which way will make you feel comfortable as the best way. So, it’s up to you!!! Trust me

The great news is you don’t have to believe it, since things you must do is just said it as often as possible. Remember, our unconscious mind can’t differ whether it’s true or not, so don’t worry be happy! Just do it again and again, and you will find the proof that everything you want will come easily not only in your imagination but also in reality.

What a wonderful life!

There are some rules to apply affirmation which you have to obeyed, as amazing tool, they usually called 4P. What is 4P?? Okay,

4P are positive+ present tense+ persistent+ passion

Here some explanation above:

Positive, avoid some negative word such as; don’t, wont, not, never, etc, replace it by positive word. For example, don’t use statement “I’m not good student”, but use statement “I’m good student.”

Present, not future or the past, so is all about present statement. Imagine that the condition is already happen in your life no matter is true or not. For example: Don’t use statement “I will have master degree.” But use statement “ I have master degree next year.”

Persistent, of course, you have to say it continuously and consistently in your day to day life!

Passion, actually you have to say by emotion you keep inside making it stronger!!!

I actually interesting in affirmation. It’s true based on my experience that affirmation really help me in solve all my problem in life, even big problem! Interesting isn’t it?? Of course you can make it on your own, and apply this in your daily life!!! Really easy and really help us. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, just do this!!!


  1. I’m great writer and communicator
  2. I believe my self wholeheartedly that I can achieve happiness in life
  3. I love my self from my deepest soul
  4. I’m confident of my self
  5. I’m magnet of happiness, love, and prosperity in the universe
  6. I’m good listener and speaker
  7. I’m happy to help the other
  8. I’m creative, I can create something new, an amazing one
  9. I’m easy to find idea within my sense, thought, and intuition
  10. I’m consistently write what I feel and what I thought inside
  11. I’m consistently write an interesting article every month
  12. I’m consistently do meditation, visualization, anchoring therapy before and after sleep
  13. I can control my emotion well in the good term or bad term
  14. I can solve all my problem in life fun and easily
  15. I lead a healthy life, eat well, and do exercise every week
  16. I always grateful of my life
  17. I always enjoy every second in my life
  18. Everyday in every where I feel better and better
  19. Everyday in every where I am closer to the goal
  20. Everyday in every where God grant me the strength to proof that

From now on, Emiria Farahdina is a miracle maker ^u^


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