Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Today's Favorite songs

Diposting oleh emiria farahdina di 23.20

I have recently listened to them countless times XDXDXDXDXDXD

1. My inspiration album_ Charice, especially,

You Raise Me Up

Wind beneath My wings

Always You

You’ll never stand alone

Through The Years

2. Bawalah Pergi Cintaku_ Afgan

3. Masih Untukmu _ Afgan

4. You Give Me Something_ James Marrison

5. The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore_ James Marrison

6. All By My Self_ Richard Clayderman

7. Unwritten _ Natasha Bedingfield

8. Make You Feel My Love_ Adele

9. Nothing_ Charice

10. The Truth is_ Charice.

I really really love to listen to them every time and every where.In every time I feel happy, in every time i need some inspirations and motivations, in every time i need to relax my mind, recharge my energy, in every time bored of my routine activities. Yes every time!!! And you know what? They really really help me a lot in my final examination weeks, the hardest week in my life( too dramatic actually, haha). THANKS

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