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The Worst Tour Guide Ever

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Really? Yes I am, but Why the worst tour guide ever? How can it be? Hmmm the answer is loooooong story and I’ll tell you later, so always stay here ^^

A month ago, actually in July 28th, my friends from college, Ayu, Nai, Tia, Wisti, Lela, went to Bogor, my home town, to spent holiday. Wow, it would be a fantastic holiday I thought. I was so Happy.^^

We planned to visited some places, unique place in Bogor , and tested some foods, unique foods from Bogor.

Actually, there are many places to be visited and food to be tested in Bogor, but I don’t know too much about it, huhu. How Poor I am. Although I live in Bogor for the rest of my life, but I can’t recognize well about places in Bogor. So, I was confused at that time about where place we would be visited.

The only one place that I know is of course Botanical Garden. Hahaha

Can you guess what would happen next?

What would happen to me and friends??

Welcome Friends ^^

Welcome Wisti, Tia, Lela, Ayu, Nai

First day

In first day, we just visited Botanical Garden, but before we went there, we gave surprise for one of my friends. Fortunately, it was same day, not same day actually, with my friends, Lela, So,


Wish you all the best girl :D

We love you!!

Its lela!!

we love u :)

Bogor Botanical Garden

Yes, may be botanical garden is one of famous place in Bogor. It has been an icon for this city because it’s beautiful and it’s history which full of mystic. huhu. There so many beautiful place. We took so many picture there. The picture are:

Ticket please ^^


the journey of lima sekawan begins

Forever Friends

Second Day

As fantastic as the first day, in second day, our journey was more challenging, more energy, Yes Full of energy, because there many places would be visited and we often to walk, use our own two feet. So, Can you imagine it?

Hmm,,, To be honest, I was confused where place to go, But its okay, since they didn’t know that I was confused, I think everything would be gonna be all right. Hmmm, I just think to my self “ Fortunately, they don’t know too, so they never know if I took the right or wrong way” ^^’.

I’m sorry Friends, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to do that really…. Huhuhuhu

Our first destination was Laksa Cijeruk.

Laksa Cijeruk.

Laksa is one of Favorite food in Bogor. It has made from toge, egg, oncom. Laksa Cijeruk is really famous and even it has been recommended in some of television program such as; wisata kuliner, kuliner nusantara, dll. Not only it has been recommended but also its one of SBY's favorite food , Wow cool!!

Can you believe it? Although it really famous, but you Only pay four thousand rupiah, Just four thousand, and you can eat a delicious Laksa. How Cheap it is!!! Hidup Mang Laksa!

After we tested laksa, Then we went to Ekalokasari Plaza and Asinan Bogor at Sukasari, but I’m sorry I didn’t take the picture there (My friends did, but i didn't)huhu

PETA Museum

Since we had to struggle to arrive to this museum, I think it was the hardest and the best part of our loooooooooong journey. After we arrived there with the energy which almost gone because we had to walk, we almost couldn’t entry to this museum because they just accept visitor in group which must min 25 people/ group. Oh my…. T,T.

But, don’t worry be happy, After we discussed with the Museum keeper, we could entry to this museum. Yeahh… that’s a relief, thank goodness for that ^o^

The museum is really terrific! The precious lesson is I can realize that we have to grateful of being born in this time, because God give many kindnesses. Thanks God. I can imagine if I had to live in that time,,,,, I can guarantee if I can survive or not. So, as the next generation we have to appreciate and continue their struggle!!! Ganbatte!!

Here some pictures we took there:

inside of Museum

outside of the museum

After that, we went to Ayam Geprek because we were really really hungry ^^. I’m sorry I forgot to take picture there. Then we went home. So, this was the end of the Fantastic Journey. Thanks to Ayu, Tia, Nai, Wisti, Lela for the Fantastic Holiday. I hope you like it. :)

They went home

Love you all :)

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