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Unsure Love Drives Me Crazy !!!! X_X

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Love, love, and love. Everybody talks about love every time and every where (is it right?? Hmmm,,, To be honest, The answer isn’t everybody exactly, but no problem, just to make it dramatically haha ) because love seems to an interesting topic in life.

Love, love, and Love. Sometimes, talking about love will be a never ending story. Do you trust me, don’t you?? Okay, believe it or not, everybody in the universe has different meaning and value about love.

Although everybody has different perception of love based on the experience they through in the past, one thing which I’m sure is to love and to be loved is important as the air we breathe. We really need it and searching for it.

As I said before, everybody has their own love story and I have my own story too J. Don’t you curious about it, do you? My love story? Okay, I will tell you later,,,

Hmmm,,,, honestly, I don’t know how to start, but is okay I’ll try to start it now. Hmmm,,, Recently, I feel I’m really tired of u- know- them ( Them?? Its means more than one?) Yes, I don’t understand why, but I think the feeling for them is already gone…. I hope so and I’m happy to realize that :)

Although everything seems like gonna be okay, I’m not too satisfied, because is not actually the problem. The real problem is, as a dreamer girl, I like wondering that someday I will find the special one who always I dream of. I don’t know who he is, but I’m sure he is the great man. He has all criteria I need!! What a perfect man!

As the result, the thought of I- don’t- know- who, has grows greater and greater in my mind. Everyday in everywhere, even in every second of my day, I always think of him. Then, I realize that I really want I- don’t- know- who, become my boy friend. Yes, I really want to have a perfect one! This desire has become greater and greater, seems to be out of control. I don’t understand how can I do that, even I don’t know who he is?!! I can’t believe it!!



The big question, Is it having boy friend is the solution of all trouble I through? Are you sure about it mirefa? Hmmm,,,, Let me think over.

Based on my experience before, I remember that when I was still had boy friend, I thought to my self that I really wanna be single just like before. I told a thousand times to my best friend, Nuri, that I really really want to break with him. The reason was I think I wanna be free like before. In fact, this desire came actually not because I’m tired with him, Mr. ex, hmmm,, I thought he is a good boy, but, I wanna do everything I want, do some activites which I can’t do when I was in relationship such as; with my friends, family and my own self.

Finally, God answered my pray, and I broke with him, but what was happening next? I cried……huhu ( as like as many other girl in the world when they break with her boy friend, as the first reaction). And I’m single now!! Yeah… I’m free now!!

Although God has made it real, this desire has come again, I really really want have boy friend like before!! What? Again?!! Oh my…… I can’t believe it!! I don’t understand why it must all over again and again. Oh God, please help me,,,, huhuhu

So, based on my experience, we can conclude that having boy friend will not always guarantee us happiness. If we thought we will be happy if we have a boy friend, then when we already have it, we feel tired of our relationship, it means, we’ve just place the trouble to another. So, it can’t make it better, because is not the solution we need.

Hmm,,, may be having boy friend is necessary, but is not everything! We will be happy of our condition, with or without someone beside us, if we always grateful of what we are, accept our self wholeheartedly. You don’t have to wait until you have a boy friend to make you happy, but you can do it NOW. Yes, you can feel happy NOW.

So, boy is not everything, there are many things which more precious than BOY, such as, family, friends, even our self. But why,,,, I still think about such think every time,,, whoaaa. UNSURE LOVE DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

God, please help me to show the answer of this trouble.

I believe in YOU :)

Now, I will show you a picture which I draw by my self when I was in that time…

Actually I don’t understand what’s the value of this picture. I just let my finger draw it as the expression of the emotion. What a poor picture it is!!!! haha. I can’t believe it why I draw that ugly chicken! So, what’s the connection between the ugly chicken and love? Yes, there’s no connection at all Hahaha, but is okay, no problem :)

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