Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Because of Him ^v^

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Dear reader, today, I’d really want to tell the truth that I do like someone who I usually called him “Step Brother”. The reason why I call him with that name is because he is younger than me or you also can called him “ Brondong” ^v^.

Some people may be said” hey emiria, are really serious about what you feel ? Or “ Hey, Don’t you crazy about it?”. Huhu,,,,,, but whatever they said, I don’t care! Yes, I do I like him!”

To be honest, I don’t understand exactly the reason why I like him. This feeling come suddenly. Hmmm,,,, may be he is good boy, and Yes he is!

But, the big question is “ has he the same feeling like I do?? Hmmm,,,, I dunno and I feel sometimes the reality doesn’t give me any happiness, But I don’t care though he don’t like me, I’m just feeling happy to like him.

Yes, I’m just feeling happy to like him! ^v^


Because of him,

I can allow my self to forget every painful story of love in the past

Because of him,

I can lead a happy life now without any doubtless and fearless of love, but trust it wholeheartedly

Because of him,

I try to learning what is love is all about

Although he is not the one for me, but I’m sure that someday, someway, somehow, I’m going to find my true love. Of course, I do believe it wholeheartedly!!

Yes, I’m just feeling happy to like him! ^v^

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