Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010


Diposting oleh emiria farahdina di 05.08

I could feel all tension of fear

They all come from my own self and seem to grow in my mind

They grow greater and greater every time

I just can’t stop them; everything seems like out of my control

I just can’t ignored them; everything seems like crazier and crazier

Now, I believe I can’t handle all of them,

Now, I believe I don’t have any power, all of mine is gone

The only thing that I can do is just do nothing and let them

Let them disappear all of opportunity I hold

Let them make the situation become worse

At the end, I just let them make my self in great remorse

If these things happen, won’t I forgive my self??

Wish that I had a second change


I could face the fear without feel scared

Throwing all of them to the wind


I just want to be FREE

FREE from all fear which I keep inside, forever

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