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My 19th Birthday ^^

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Although is almost two months after my birthday, exactly 50 days ( my birthday was June 22), but is not too late to tell you about it^^

In my 19th birthday, honestly, I didn’t prepare anything, Yes, anything. I didn’t make to- do list, any planning, wishes, gratitude list, or anything else. Hmmm,,,, I thought it would be an ordinary day, nothing special. Hiks hiks T,T

In addition, I was doing UAS at that time, so, it was too busy for me to think about my birthday. Unfortunately, it was same day with statistic and Psychology exam!! Two important subjects with 3 SKS in one day! Can you imagine it? I had to meet them in my birthday, the day which must be my special day! Oh my, it was too horrible to be truth!

Although is hard, I had to work hard to get high score.. Ganbatte emir ^0^

Although I think it would be just ordinary day even the hardest day of my liifee ( while sing inga song the corrs feat Alejandro haha), but,,,,,,,


the truth is really really extraordinary day!!!!

it's... I couldn't hide happiness in my face ^^ (it was out of control hihi)

Lovely, I was completely happy. My friends, especially my classmate, D- One Heart, gave me surprise which was my first experience. I never got surprise before,, huhu How poor I am T,T.

They gave me bag I wanted, what lovely chocolate bag! thanks guys, It's really wonderful!! Not only surprise from my friends but also there were many many people who remember it, nuri, nadine, putri, etc. Thanks all. What double happiness, I'm very delighted!! ^^

left to right: ayu. nai, wisti, me, santi, hanim, tia. They came to my Kosan early morning just to gave me surprise. Thanks ^^

eat brownies together in monday ^^

With family, it was our first experience went to the restaurant with little neo ^^

(cheers neo ( look the camera, please !!)

gift from my beloved people

At the end, I just want say:

I really am grateful of my life because The Almighty grants me best friends who always care, support, and be therefore me in good time and bad time. Thanks for everything guys! You are the best I ever had, Love U all

Now, I believe Allah always bless me in every single of my day

Thanks to Allah

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