Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

What a Bad Habit

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One of my bad habit is SEVERE PROCRASTINATOR. It’s really annoying and I really hate it!! Oh my….

Fortunately, although I don’t know why this thing can be happen, but I think I can finish almost every task at the end. Some kinds funny, isn’t it? But it’s real! Do you trust me??

Okay, may be, its true that I can finish almost every task, because I like to put things off till the end of time, though the result in some situation is not as good as I desire, because, you know, too short time, but I really thanks for this :)

Okay, may be, its true that I can finish almost every task, but It’s really really drives me Crazy!!! I really hate it. No no no no. Why?? Because in every second of my day, I always can’t stop thinking of everything I must done, task or something else, but I just idle or doing nothing!!!!!!!

I can't believe it!!!! Can you imagine it? Sometimes, I really angry to my self when I realize that I have wasted much time for something useless, just thinking of it, But not doing any action to finish it.

I can’t abide it. I don’t want to let this bad habit kill me slowly! Really, I have to change and of course I must change!! Yes, exactly, the only one solution is leaving that severe habit no matter how hard it is. What I really want is to be more discipline person.. Though it need long process, but I believe I can do it. Yeah!! You go girl! God,,, Please give me the strength to prove this :)

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