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Hello I come back! Yeay, do you miss me??

May be you’d think that I have gone with the wind, hide somewhere else in an isolated island, and just disappear. Hmm,, may be you’re right, I can’t deny it. The undeniable fact is I just do something to finish all stuffs I have to be completed. Unconditional LOA and Scholarship are stuffs I’ve struggled for. Stuffs which always stuck forever in my mind since in the beginning of this year, stuffs which I always want to be truth for the rest of my life. So, what should I do to make the real? Actually, I almost done the requirements, except IELTS. I did IELTS test last month, and I got 6.0, and it still less 0.5 from the requirement for LOA ad scholarship, LPDP. Fortunately, I still use this score for Australia Awards. To apply AIA, it’s enough using IELTS band 5.5, Unless, I didn’t stuck and did nothing, I did something to move on, continue my journey, step by step to achieve my target this year, study Master Degree program in Queensland, Australia and Alhamdulillah I already submitted the application, best luck for me! J

My dream journey still continued, after I finished AIA, I need to struggle with next IELTS exam, prepare document for LPDP, and apply to get LOA. I know that stages are not easy and it need process to accomplish it. Sometimes I find the hard time when I deal with all of this, deal with my own negative ego state, the side of me who always showed pessimistic, I have to fight with myself, proof them that I can do the unthinkable things. I often sacrifice my time not to spend time in social event with my friend, seldom has interaction and conversation with my family because I’m too busy with my own business, i also can’t think another stuff except my application, therefore I can’t concentrate well in my work, seldom exercise, keep healthy life style, and the most annoying things I easily get frustrated, worried, angry, and ect. I often do something in rush, I forget about everything, and I don’t care about anything. Sometimes, I felt that I’m the loneliest person in the world. I don’t have any friends that I can trust. Sometimes I just wanna cry so badly, why these things must happened to me? why it feel so hard?

I realized is not good for me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I need to have a good self-management, how to lead my life in balance one. We need balance in life, we need achievement, relation, health, spiritual, love to complete my life

We need to be always stay in positive line. Now, I totally understand that to achieved one dream, we need not only hard work, focus, but we also need smart strategies to find mental and social support to make the process easier than we expect.

Keep positive, do smart strategies to balance our life.

You can do it, Emi!!!!!!!!!!

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