Jumat, 13 Mei 2016

Me and Dian Pelangi

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Can you find any similarity between me and her, Dian Pelangi! She is the famous hijab entrepreneur. Hoho. Hmm, let me guess? I think you wondering why I have that inspiration to collage those two pictures. Okay, let me explain! One day, it was long time ago when I came to my cousin’s wedding, one of my cousin told me that I looked a like Dian Pelangi. I just smiled, and didn’t much comment on that while my mind kept imagine why it could be happened since I couldn’t fine any things in common between us. Well, I admire Dian Pelangi and her success career. Wish I can be a successful entrepreneur like her. So, that’s the background story.

One day, when I went home from my friend’s wedding, I took some selfie pose, I took alot of pictures and it made me forget about everything as always. When I saw the result of the pics, I remembered one of Dian Pelangi pic with white hijab. And Yupp, I found it, cool!!! I love the picture and I think its kinda a perfect collage. hhohoho

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