Jumat, 13 Mei 2016

Mt. Pancar, Sentul

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Last week, I had looong weekend and I went to Gunung Pancar with my college friends, Ori and Nai. It has been long time that we had never seen each other, the last time wast November, 2015, in the other words, it almost a half year we had never seen each other. I miss them so much.

For the holiday, we planned to go to National Flower Park in Cipanas, but after some considerations as we know it was long holiday, so it would be terrible plan if we kept continuing the plan. As a plan B, I gave them another alternative idea to go to Gunung Pancar.

Ori, one of my  friend was so excited as she organized the idea to make a photo shoot when we got there. She prepared all the properties which needed such as, balloon, lunch mattress, hat, ect. In the other hand, Naili brought some foods and also some clothes and pairs of shoes just for photo session.  Cool! How about me? Well, I just bring my documentation stuff such as DSLR camera, pocket camera, Selfie stick, and my cell-phone, and of course brought my own self. Hohoho

I had a great time with them, spent quality time. I enjoyed all the silly and funny stuffs we did together, made me forget about all problems and the other annoying things which stuck in my head. Things what we have done just laughed, took some picture we wanted, for example, between the tree rows pose, yoga pose, on the stone pose, picnic style, and ect. Thanks girls. Hope we can do another adventure to Onrust and take another photo-shoot. I don’t know why, but since that time I really like to learn about photography. That’s my hidden desire I kept for so long, and it have shown recently. It was great if we can well-documented our travelling moment since the moment never come back twice.

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