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Hello everyone, now I want to share my experience of Yoga. May be I have never mentioned it before in social media or anything else. However the fact is I already did yoga exercise since I was in high school. The purpose I did that to lose weight since I was fat at that time. I did it almost a year by myself, but it was stopped because of the hectic in my routine life, so I couldn’t find the right time to do it. From that time I know some basic skill and poses of yoga. It was fun and excited in every time I could follow the movement even it’s kind of simple one. 

Time after time I forget about the exercise, sometimes I did it once in a while when I was in college even though I thought the exercise wasn’t effective to lose weight since the movement is too slow and it need long process to achieve it. So, I prefer cardio sport such as running and swimming to achieve it and it worked since 2012.

However, I began to realize that I running, swimming, or any kind of cardio sports is not enough to get balance in life ( based on my  point of view), so I need some exercise who will improve not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Once I thought about it, once I got the answer. Finally, a parents offer the teachers yoga class. They are Ibu Lisa, Ibu Sam, Ibu Nadine, and next Ibu Tasya since last year, 2015. 

I was so enthusiastic to join the program as I love yoga and wanted to restart the practice.  Even my yoga still in basic, still reach the physical purpose, not mental and spiritual yet, my body flexibility has improved more and more. Now I can do some poses which I couldn’t do before, such as head stand with the wall, table pose, tree pose, sun salutation, ect. I still struggle to do hand stand, head stand, tenggala pose, reach hand to feet, and many other poses.

I was so happy that at the same time my running buddy do yoga too, Mba Mprit. She likes to take her Yoga pose in action. It’s cool! It’s inspired me to do the same thing. So, if I go somewhere to outdoor place, I like to take my pic of yoga pose. Are you so curious about it? Here some poses, I hope you enjoy it!

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