Rabu, 11 Mei 2016


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Finally I met two wonderful ladies after long time no see. First, Aruni, my classmate when i was in high school, she has turned to be an adorable wife of  her charming husband and second,  Voila, Alis, the Baja Hitam girl has turned to be an excellent  reporter. J

It was a great day, we spent our time together, had a great conversation about girl’s talk, (can you guess it??) and  took wefie together, (the last one was a must ! the most important one! LOL) Okay then, no more caption, no more story I should tell, Let’s enjoy the pics!!!! 

PS:( Alis has learned photoghrapy since she has been hired to be a reporter. She likes to take the pics. in the other words, it could be our great opportunity for us to her amateur (especially me) model XOXOXO

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