Selasa, 17 Mei 2016

Cooking Class

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 Since my mom always complain that I seldom to cook, I decided to join the cooking class in the last minutes after thousands of consideration.

The cooking class held by my running buddies from Bogor Runner. They invited one of member who works as a chef, Kang Assegaf, a chef from five stars hotel in Jakarta, Mandarin  Hotel.

The cooking class was great. I learned the basic of techniques of cooking such as cutting, slicing, chopping which had a secret technique to do it. Well, I never knew it before, so I'm so enthusiastic and it was motivated me to try something new such as cut the fish and cut chicken..honestly it was the first experience for me. Can you believe it? As a girl, the rest  of my life, it was the first time at 24 years old,  the age that you should do it better. Hoho

Overall, the cooking class inspired me to practice on my own at home. And Voila, this is my creation!

 I know its still far from perfect such as the chicken not juicy, the slice of chicken and fish still  too thick, the flour of fish still not perfect from crispy, and some of the was to salt, Oh noo. However I enjoyed making special dishes for my beloved family.

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