Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

New Phone, New Life :D

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I lost my phone this evening, actually when i was going home from LIA. I didn't realize it before until i remembered that i wanted to check my phone. I searched in my bag, but i didn't find it anywhere. After I arrived at home, i tried to phone LIA office, hope may be i left my phone in my class, but the security told me that no phone left in class room :(. I think my phone was stolen by old woman @angkot when i was going home. hmm so sad you know, that why i have the feeling why i was so lazy to come to LIA, haha. In this case, you have to differ the reason why you are lazy because of your feeling of something bad will happen or lazy is lazy :D....

Fortunately the moment when i lost my phone is the same when i want to buy new one. 
1. try to think positively
2. let it go
3. there so many lesson to learn
4. so you have to be careful 

I already lost my some gadgets, i hope it will be the last :D

New phone, New Life :D

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