Rabu, 24 Juni 2015

I just need to write

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I just need to write
I just need to write
I just need to write

the voice has screamed in my mind over and over again.  They’ve waited for my action because finally after many procrastination, I can make it now, yeay! I miss to write here, I mean to write here regularly. Yups, I can’t pretend to myself that writing is something I need to maintain my mental health, besides painting, running, and swimming which always be a a part of my life right now.

It has been a long time that I forgot about this blog, the last time I like to write the most last year was August. There were 13 posts. It was kind of achievement so far. I miss them so much.  Writing is one way of my therapy, which I can express myself, both idea and feeling and I can also know and understand myself better. My life also more organize, I can make a good plan which follow by certain steps in the future. I general, writing helps me to be more optimists one.

Honestly, this year I seldom to write, I’ve been busy to play with my phone just for doing nothing, that’s kind of my bad habit, doing nothing, to many idea, but less action. The good things in this year is I have wonderful time with my job, even it’s hard, sometimes so tired, but I tried to do my best I could do.  To be shadow teacher or Special Need Teacher Assistant it was not easy to do, especially for me who still have less experience. There are so many things to learn to be a better one, but sometimes so many people underestimate it or don’t understand it.

“ Never apologize for your enthusiasm, never never ever_ Ryan Adams.

I got this quote from one of my college at school. This quote really helps me a lot, to gain motivation when I feel so pessimistic if the reality seems unkind to me. Yeah, enthusiasm is one way to gain motivation. We will never know what will happen next, but if we try to do our best to fill the enthusiasm in our work, it will give good benefits to our life eventually.

Yeay, after a long time break, I was so lazy to do anything before, finally, I meet this productive day that give me spirit to write here again. I wish I can, at least, maintain this spirit for this holiday. I need to manage myself, to arrange my time wisely and effectively, so I can achieve some targets in this holiday. There many tasks are waiting to be finished. I hope I can make it. God, please help to prove it. J

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