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My Last 23 writing :)

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my room from different perspective, sorry for little messy at back :D

Now, I’m sitting in my room. I’m trying to thinking about my life.  

What things that already happened into my life since I was born?
What kinds of achievements that I’ve done?
What kind of mistakes that I’ve done?
What kind of things to learn from my experience?
What I wanna do in the future?
What I should do?
 Have I already give contribution for the other’s life?

So many questions come into my mind spontaneously and wait for the answer.

Only counting the time, seconds, minutes, hours, and I’ll be 24. Some people say that you’re still young in that age, but sometimes I feel that’s not exactly 100% true. At that age, I feel I’m mature enough to do something what I want to do and I’m mature enough to do something what I should, have to, and must do. 

Actually, I don’t know what to write now. I have so many ideas on my mind, but when I start to write them all, they just disappear at all, nothing’s left. I don’t have any idea, so how to star?

Okay, first,  I just wanna express my gratitude.
1.    I’m so happy that God gives me an opportunity to live till this time.  A million words of gratitude are still not enough to express your love God, because you give me an unlimited power of love. Thanks God, Thanks for everything.  
2.    I wanna say thanks to my family. First, my mom and dad, they always be my greatest inspiration in my life, their love, care, and faith always give me strength each day.  I’ll be forever thankful for you, Mama and Bapa. I love you J. Second, teteh, aa, a Dhonny, and neo who always know how to cheer me up no matter in bad and good time and who always be honest about everything, when anyone can’t do. My life never be complete without them. For me, my family is always be a perfect place to come back, no matter how far you go J
3.    Thanks for families and friends, thanks for their kindness, that’s mean a lot to me J

Second, My wish in this  age, As my age getting older, I wish  I’ll be better person than before, be more independence, more care, not only for yourself, but the other’s life.

One thing that always convince me that
We must believe that we are gifted for something.
 I hope I can achieve it in this year. I hope the Almighty give me an opportunity to find the way to prove it.
Be great self, a super self.

May be that’s all for, thanks for everything

Bogor, 21 June 2015; 10.30

By Emiria Farahdina

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