Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

The Unfinished or NEVER Finish Task? hmmm

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I miss u :)

Holiday, is right time to me to do something that you can't do in the other day because in holiday we have so many FREE time. yeah!!! Love U holiday!!!

We can do everything, watching movie. reading comics, books, shopping, hanging out with friends, listening to music, sleeping U,U , eating much
Everything and anything jusT Relax our mind :)

Okay,, Do you have any planning about holiday?? Lets list it. Its fun :)

I have so many plan about my holiday,,,,,I really love making plan, But I can`t guarantee that i can follow all. huhu
One of my plan is to finish the unfinished task and the unfinished task is painting.

drawn by water color :)

The picture of ME n JK ROWLING
hahaha,,,,,, Like this Like this much much much

I Love her so Much !!

I really want to meet her Someday!!!

She inspired me so Much

Drawn by oil pastel and coloring by using water color :)

Picture drawn by me when I was waiting my sis to go somewhere ( honestly, forgot huhu).
Long time she didn't come and I was too bored to wait her. Fortunately, TADAAA, I realized that I bring My Lovely Sketch book with Purple Oil Pastel inside the book.

I Love My Lovely Sketchbook, Thanks God

I started to draw with no Idea in my mind, but confidence to draw it
And Surprise, The Purple Rose was finished to draw, Lovely

This picture was drawn by color pencil to make it more detail.

Honestly,,, I draw this picture Incidentally, hoho..
I don`t have any idea to finish it, but after finished coloring the flower, the result is not too bad and i like it, so I must finish it !!


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